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Published by All Kerala Siddha Doctor's Forum (AKSDF) for the propagation of Siddha Medical Science.

Siddha system is one among the three system indegenous to our country. The word Siddha comes from the word SIDDHI. Those who attained these super natural powers are known as SIDDHARS. It was called by various names like Ayulvedam (Most primitive name of Siddha means 'knowledge about saul' , written in Tholkappiyam1 1-AD), Veettu Maruthuvam, Nattu Maruthuvam, Tamizh Maruthuvam, Kai Maruthuvam, Kollai Maruthuvam, Patti chonna Veettu Vaidhyam. SAINT AGASTIYAR is the Father figure of this medical system. It was the traditional DRAVIDIAN system of medicine in which Rasavatham (Alchemy), Vaidhayam, Yogam and Gnanam were four major subjects. It is note worthy that Charaka, himself mentions about Siddhar's who were to be worshiped by the students of Ayurveda (Ref : Charaka samhitha, chapter : 6 – 7).


According to Tamil lexicon Siddhi means realisation , success, attainment , final liberation. A Siddhi is an accomplished on the psychic plan. Siddhi may also means mysticism in Tamil. Traditionally Siddhis are eight in number, known as Asta Siddhi. They are.,

1.Anima - The ability to become as minute as an atom.

2.Mahima - The ability to expand infinitely .

3.Lahima - The power of float through the air.

4.Karima - It is the state of becoming very heavy.

5.Prapthi - The power to achieve impossible things.

6.Prahamiyam - It is obtaining desired things

7.Vasithuvam - It is the ability to make others thing in the way as the person himself things.

8.Easathuvam - It is becoming one with supreme.


According to the tradition of southern India there are eighteen Siddhars in particular who attained perfection, which including there spiritual, intellectual , mental, vital and physical bodies. Each of the eighteen siddhers as made significant contributions to the world science , medicine, literature, yoga and philosophy.

1.Siddhars are those adepts who have attained 'Sayujya' (The status of being one with the god).

2.Siddhars are said to have the triple control - the control of breath , the control of seminal fluid (ie, the control of all passions and the achievement of desirelessness ) and the control of mind.

3.The one whose mind is serene and clear like an ocean without waves is a Siddha.

4.A Siddha is one who has burnt the sasthras.

5.The siddhas know how to preserve the body through light rays (in Tamil MANI), sound waves (MANTRA) and medicine (MARUNDHU).

6.Siddhars are not henolocotheists ( believers in one local God) . They do not worship any deity in the temple (Sivavakkiyar Siddhar).

7.Siddhas as those who have not tried the path of any religion (Thirumoolar Siddhar).


Dravidans are the oldest race of Indian subcontinent. Siddha is the medical system of Dravidans. Historians observe that it was civilization of pre- vedic people of ancient India that existed 5,000 years before the Christian Era.

Siddha medicine ?

"One that cures physical oilment is medicine

One that cure psychological oilment is medicine

One that prevent oilment is medicine

One that bestows immortality is medicine"

This is the definition of Siddha medicine given by the one of the greatest of the Siddhas, Thirumoolar.

How advanced was the Siddhas' conception of medicine when compared to that of modern medicine, which only in this century has include mental illness within its scope of treatment, and has not yet begun to conceive of physical immortality.


" Destruction of the body leads to destruction of saul

Attainment of salvation becomes impossible

Learning the process of body care

Preserved the body there by the saul".


The ultimate aim of the Siddhars is to have perfect body by the medicines for jeevan mukti, one of the salvation method describing in Indian philosophy. For that purpose Siddhars propagate Siddha medicine .


It is said that Lord Siva had been first Siddhar and the siva cult had been followed by the Siddhars . Goddess Umai, Nandidevar, Agasthyar, Thirumoolar and other Siddhars were his followers. The history of Siddhars starts from KUMARI KANDOM .


According to the medical historians the following are the dates of the other systems of medicine.

1.Ayurveda system of medicine

i.Charaka Samhita 300 BC

ii.Susruta Samhita 300 BC

iii.Bava Prakasam 800 AD

2.The Romanian system of medicine 300 AD

3.Unani system of Medicine 600 AD

4.Greek system of Medicine 900 AD

5.Allopathy 1700 AD

6.Homeopathy 1800 AD

But nobody can fix the exact date of origin of the ancient Siddha system of medicine.


The father figure in Siddha medicine is Agastyar. Agastyar lived in Agastyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Thiruvananthapuram. It is believed that he has lived in the sixth or seventh century BC. Specialised in language , alchemy, medicine, meditation and spiritually ( Yogam and gnanam). 96 books in the name of Agasthiyar .

Some books of Agasthiyar

1. Agastyar Vaidyam – 1200 : A medical book in Tamil deals with Material Medica

2. Agasthiyar Vaidyam - 1500 : It deals with medicine preparations .

3. Agasthiyar Vaidyam – 500 : It is valuable work on medicine, with classification diseases and great varieties of formulae.

4. Agastiyar Nayana vithi : It deals with classification of eye diseases medicine and surgery for incurable diseases.

5. Perunool : It deals with treatment aspects


Silapadikaram , one of the five celebrated Tamil epics , written in the first century AD by Great Kerala poet Illango Adigal , makes frequent references to a vast tract of country called "Kumari nadu" ( And now identified as limuria or Gondwanaland by European scholars) extending far beyond the present Kanya kumari, the southern most tip of modern India, lying submerged in the Indian ocean. It is said that ancient Madurai ( Then Madurai ) was the seat of Tamil Sangam ( Literary Academy) and muthoor was the capital of the Pandyan Kingdom. The country was interspersed with mountains with a bewildering variety of flora and fauna of a bygoneage ( Mahalingam, 1983, Page 205) ( See map of india in 30,000 BC) .

Principles of Siddha Medicine

1.Five element Theory

"Nilam, Thee, Neer, ValiVisumbodainthu

Kalantha mayakam ulakam Athalin"


Meaning : The world is formed by the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether

" Andathil ulathe pindam

Pindathil ulathe andam

Andamum pindamum Onre

Arinthu than parkum poluthu''.

(Sattamuni Siddhar)

Meaning :

"Things present in macrocosam is present in microcosam Things present in Microcosam is Macrocosam Both are interlinked together When realisation is complete ".

Human body is said to be the Microcosam and the world is the Macrocosam. Because what exist in the world is also exists in man. The force in human being are identical with the forces of the world.


Relationship between five elementand five sence organ

Earth - Nose

Water - Tongue

Fire - Eyes

Air - Skin

Space - Mouth

Relationship between Tastes and five elements

Sweet - Earth & Water

Sour - Earth & Fire

Pungent- Air & Fire

Bitter - Air & space

Salt - Water & Fire

2. Three Humour Theory

"Mihinum kuraiyinum noi cheyyum noolor

Vali muthala enniya moontru ".

( Thirukkural)

Meaning :

The three humours ( Vali , Azhal, iyyam) postulated by those learned in the science of the human body cause disease if there is super fluity or deficiency. i.e, the perfect ratio of the three humours if increased or decreased.

These three humours are made up of five elements. Vali is formed by the basic element of space and air. Azhal is formed by fire and iyyam is formed by earth and water. In the 1/3rd of life span Vali predominates , in the second 1/3rd Azhal and the third 1/3rd iyyam predominates . This is the Siddha theory. These three humours are identical to Ayurveda ie. Vatham, Pitham , Kapham.

3. Seven physical constituents

The physical body is constituted by seven Thathus or constituents. The seven physical constituents are .,

1.Saram - Primary nourishing juice

2.Chenneer - Bloods

3.Ooun - Muscle

4.Kozhuppu - Fat

5.Enbu - Bone

6.Moolai - Bone marrow

7.Suckila - Sperm ( In male)

Sronitham - Ovum ( In Female)

The seven physical constituents are made up of five Boothas.

1. Saram - Water

2. Chenneer - Fire & water

3.Ooun - Earth & water

4. Kozhuppu - Earth & Water

5. Enbu - Earth & Air

6. Moolai - Water & Air

7. Suckila - Fire & Air or Sronitham - Water


The MATERIA MEDICA of Siddha Medical System is very vast compared to other indigenous systems of medicines. Siddhars prepared medicines from natural sources like medicinal plants over 1000 varieties, 11 types of Ulokangal (Metals), 25 kinds of Uppukal, 64 varieties of Padanams, 120 numbers of Uparasams,100 of animal parts based on natural laws.


Three methods of treatment are practiced in Siddha Medicine.

1. DIVINE METHOD of using medicines like parpam, Chenduram, Chunnam, Guru, Guligai made of metals and minerals.

2. RATIONAL METHOD of using medicines like Choornam, Kudineer, Vadakam made of herbs.

3. SURGICAL METHOD like incision, excision, heat application, blood letting and leach application . Apart from the above classifications there are other methods like purgative, emetic, Fasting, Steam application, Oilation and solar therapies are also used. Different surgical instruments are also mentioned in Siddha Medical System.

At the beginning drugs made of herbs alone are used and only based on the severity of the illness metal and mineral drugs are used. Drugs with similar properties of the illness when used, the practice is called as , 'OPPURAI'. Eg; Using Mentha viridis in Headaches. Drugs with opposite properties when used is called as 'ETHIRURAI' . Eg; drugs with cold potency like Santhalum album(Chandanam) and Vetivera Zizanoides (Ramacham ) are used in Fever. Drugs with both the properties are used is called as 'KALAPPURAI'


To be free from diseases and for a healthy living one should follow some preventive methods . In Siddha medical system there are many preventive methods. One of the book in Siddha, named 'NOYYILLA NERI' well described about preventive method for healthy living.

One should consume boiled water, diluted butter milk and meted ghee. Drinking cow's milk , bathing in hot water following oilation.

The following are to be avoided:

Sexual activity and sleep during day time. Exposure to sun rise in the early morning, controlling defection and micturiation, vegetables that cause constipation and piles, sour curd, food prepared in the previous day even it is an ambrosia and eating without proper appetite.

One should have advice to walk after a meal. Emetic treatment should be done once in six months. Purgatives once in four months. Nasal application should be done once in 6 weeks . Oil bath should be taken twice a week. Anjanam can be applied the eyes once in three days and the fragrance of flowers should not be smelt at mid night. One should not stay below the trees at night. Consumption of food should be avoided at night. One should respect God, ancestors and teachers.

Diagnosis of Disease

" Noi Naadi Noi Mudal Naadi Athu thanikkum

Vaai Naadi Vaippa Seyal ".


Meaning :

Make a careful diagnosis , discover the true cause of the disease , think out the proper remedy and apply it effectively.

It is always essential to identify the cause for any disease to be accepted as a 'scientific method'. The diagnostic methodology in Siddha treatment is unique as it is made purely on the basis of the 'clinical acumen' of the physician, examines the palpation (Sparism), tongue (Naa), colour (Niram) , Voice (Mozhi), eyes(Vizi) , in a patient and also examines the urine (Moothiram) and stools (Malam). The diagnosis is then confirmed by the 'Pulse diagnosis' and 'Neikuri' (Application of drops of Gingely oil in urine). The interrogation plays only a very minimal role. The examination of the above is called as the " Eight – tools of diagnosis" in Siddha. These diagnostic tools not only help for diagnosis . But also to learn the prognosis and restoration of health.


32 Internal medicines and 32 External medicines are used in Siddha Medical System. Each medicine has its on Dosage, Life time, Period of Administration, Adjuvant (Anupanam), Diet restrictions (Pathiyam). Siddha Medicines offer remedies for the various specialities of the Medical field like Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Neurology, Dermatology, Obsteristics and Gynaecology.


It is very important to purify the raw drugs before preparing them into medicine. All the drugs are purified before Siddha medicine preparations.


"Alavukku minjinaal Amrithavum nanjakum"

Meaning :

Ambrosia becomes toxic in higher dose level.

Siddhars have clearly mentioned the difference dose levels in the forms of grain, peppar, abrus, gooseberry are mentioned. Dose for child, old person, expectant mother, lactating mother are also mentioned.


The shelf life of medicine is clearly determined in Siddha medicine.


Adjuvant is a catalyst to improve the potency of the drug. Medicine which causes burning sensation in the abdomen when given with a suitable Adjuvant (Anupanam) , the burning, nausea and anorexia gets altered Adjuvant like Honey, Thrikadugu, Jaggery, Butter etc are used as Adjuvant in Siddha medical system. It can be even said that no medicine is given without a suitable Adjuvant in this Medical System.


The dietary advice and healthy habits to be followed when a medicine is administered or treatment based on the needs of the diseased condition is called as 'Pathiyam'. This is absolutely essential not only for restoring good health but also to preserve good health as a prophylactic measures.


1. Surasam 2. Charu 3. Kudineer 4. Karkam 5. Utkali 6. Adai

The above medicines have shelf life 3 hours only:

7. Choornam 8. Pittu 9. Vadagam 10. Vennai

The above medicines have shelf life 3 months:

11. Manappagu 12. Nei 13. Rasayanam 14. Lahiyam

The above medicines have shelf life 6 months:

15. Ennai 16. Mathirai 17. Kadugu 18. Pakkuvam

19. Thenural 20 . Theeneer

The above medicines have shelf life I Year:

21.Mezugu 22. Kuzhambu

The above medicines have shelf life 5 Years:

23. Pathangam (Drugs obtained by the process of sublimation)

The above drug with shelf life 10 years:

24. Chendooram (Red oxides ie., purified Metalic or toxic salts are made in to red coloured powders by burning or other processes).

The above medicine has shelf life 75 years:

25. Parpam ( Calcinated powder of metals , minerals and arsenic compounds.

26. Kattu (Consolidation )

27. Urukku (ie., purified Pashanas added to synergestic or antagonistic drugs and blown using natural charcoal fire.

28. Kalangu (ie., purified mercurial compound are burnt and then gold or zinc is added).

The above medicines have shelf life of 100 years!

29. Chunnam (ie., purified mercury of pashana are ground by adding juice, dried and turmeric powder is added

The above drug has shelf life of 500 years!

30.Karpam (Rejuvanating medicine )

31.Chathu (ie., drugs like iron powder are ground with white yolk of egg and later mercury, gold etc are added to it.

32. Guru guligai (ie., purified sublime mercury made in to beads)

The above medicine has shelf life over centuries!


The external medicines are applied externally in the following forms.

Kattu 2. Patru 3. Ottradam 4. Suttigai 5. Vedhu

6. Pottanam 7. Thokkanam 8. Pugai 9. Mai 10. Podi thimirdhal

11. Kalikkam 12. Nasiyam 13. Oodhal 14. Nasigaparanam

15. Kalimbu 16. Seelai 17. Neer 18. Varthi 19. Suttigai 20. Salagai

21. Pasai 22. Kali 23. Podi 24. Murichal 25. Keeral 26. Karam

27. Attai –vidal 28. Aruvai 29. Kombu kattal 30. Urinjal

31. Kurudhi vangal 32. Peechu.


1. Siddha treatment easily available , easily acceptable, less expensive.

2. Choices of drugs are more.

3. Increased shelf life.

Eg; Parpam – 100 years

Chenduram – 75 Years

Chunnam - 500 Years

4. Siddha medicine for acute and chronic conditions and even for dreadful diseases.

5. Various diseases can be treated with a single medicine, Just by changing the Adjuent.

6. Siddha drugs are available for all age groups (From Paediatrics to Geriatrics).

Speciality of Siddha medical system

Siddhars were the first two employ metals and minerals as therapeutic agents.

1. Preparations like Urukku, kattu, Kalangu, Chathu are unique to Siddha medical science alone.

2. Kayakalpam (Rejuvenation Method) : The scope of Kayakalpam treatment is three fold. One is cure degenerative diseases. Second one is prevent the complaints of ageing and the third is prolong the life span. The Kalpa practices are Eight in number called as 'Ashtanga Yoga'. These comprises of Iyamam , Niyamam, Asannam, Pranayamam, Prithyagaram, Dharnai, Dyanam and Samadhi. Pranayama (breathing exercise) and Yogic asannas is a great way for healthy living.

3. Rasavadham (Alchemy)

Alchemy is the hall mark of Siddha medical system. It deals with the science of converting lower metals in to gold, they got some medicines as by products and they also have the therapeutic value. So this technique was used for the invention of new medicines. Siddhars also used this technique to assess the quality of prepared medicines.

4. Muppu

The process of muppu (Universal salt ) and their calcination , process of minerals, metals etc are the special feature of Siddha systems of medicine.

5. Varma treatment

Traumatology based on the injury to the different body points , there manifestations and treatment methods are called 'Varma'. Varma points are 108 in number which are the vital points formed by the union of bones muscle, nerves and blood vessels. These points when affected by any external force leads to disease. The manipulative technique to restore normal health is called as 'Ilakku murai'.

6. Synthetic preparations of certain raw drugs were mentioned [ SARAKKU VAIPPU] in Siddha medicine. These synthetic materials are used in most of the drug preparation, when there is any scarcity of natural raw drugs.

Potentialities in Siddha Medicine

Siddha system of medicine has proved potentiality to manage new age diseases like Aids, Cancer, Infective hepatitis, Rhematoid Arthrits, Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Diabets Melitus, Peptic Ulcer.


Clinical trial with Siddha formulations like Rasagandhi Mezugu, Amukkura Choornam, Nellikai Lehium increase immunity level of body against HIV virus.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Siddha drugs like Gowri Chindamani Chendooram, Linga Chendooram, Mahaveera mezugu and Ayaveera mezhugu are very effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

3. Psoriasis

This is a autoimmune disease . Parangi pattai kudineer, Rasagandhi mezhugu, Vedpalai Thylam are very effective Siddha drugs in the case of Psoriasis.

4. Leucoderma

Kandankathri choornam with Kandankathri pazhai ennai (External) and Ponnimilai Chendooram with Chirattai Thylam (External) are very effective for Leucoderma.

5. Diabetes Melitus

Some Siddha formulations containing drug like Seenthil (Tinospora cordifolia), Kontrai (Cassia fistula), avarai (Cassia Auriculata) are very effective for type 2 Diabetes Melitus .

6. Peptic ulcer

Siddha formulations like Thriphala karpam , Sangu parpam , Vilva Lehiyam are effective for the management of Peptic ulcer.

First Board of members 1-04-09

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1. Dr. Raguraman BSMS: Chief medical officer Govt. Siddha hospital, Vallakkadavu Trivandrum. 20 years clinical experience in Siddha. Ph: 9446563729.

2. Dr. C.A .Nainan Msc.Ph.D, Th.D, D.D ., D.Litt :Former Dean of Botany Dept. of Kerala University. Sree Chitra Award winner. Best scientific book Award 2007 ( DNA to Divinity). Presented 130 Scientific papers. Ph : 0471- 2303489

3. Shri. Christal Asan : Traditional Siddha Practitioner. 45 years in manufacturing and clinical experience in Siddha. PH: 0471-2713312.

4. Dr. Palavesan BIM, M.D (S) : Former Vice Principal of Govt. Siddha Medical College.Palayam kottai, Former HOD of UG OF Govt. Siddha Medical College, Chennai . Former Principal of Santhigiri Siddha Medical College, Trivandrum . 09789716948(M)

5. Shri. C.J.Kurian : Former Scientist of Vikkram Sarabhai Space Centre. 09707963509 (M)

6. Dr. Ramdoss BIM, MD(S) : Former Vice Principal of Govt. Siddha Medical College, Palayam kottai. Former Member of Siddha & Ayurveda Scientific Advisory Committee CCIM, Govt. of India New Delhi . Member Siddha Ayurveda & Unani Drugs Advisory Committee, CCIM, Govt of India, New Delhi . 09789978124 (M)

7. Sri. K.O. Mathew, : Former Commissioner of Police, Trivandrum City. Former SP of Special Branch of Administration, Former Trivandrum Rural SP, Former Railway SP, Former Intelligence SP.Ph: 0471- 2284530

8. Dr. P.Pathiban BSMS , MD (S), Ph.D : Navakodi Siddharkal Maruthuamanai Periyakulam Physiotheraphy Nilayam. Mob: 09367168120

9. Professor Dr.Jeyaram BIM, MD(S): Former Vice Principal of Govt. Siddha Medical College, Chennai . Ph: +91 – 44 - 26286805

10. Dr. Michel jayaraj BSMS: Founder of Tamilnadu Siddha Doctor's Association, 'Tamil Maruthuva kazhakam' . Editor of Siddha Medical Journal 'Karpa avizhtham' . 09842166097 (M)

11. Shri. Ravindra nadan. MD (ALT) : Traditional Siddha Practitioner Madurandagam . 09443067189 (M)

12. Dr. G. Madhusoodanan Pillai : Director of SREDHA (Scientific Response to environmental Developmental and Human Areas). 9447225416 (M)

13.Dr. BalamuruganBSMS MD (S): Palayam Kottai govt.siddha medical college mob;09486927871.

14.Dr. J. Ramachandran: B.Sc. B.E, M.Tech, PHD: Professor of Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. traditional Siddha Practitioner. Author of First '3D' book, HERBS OF SIDDHA MEDICINE Ph: 09444551563 (M)

15. Mr. Alias: Engineer, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre PH: 0471-2550827

16.Mr.S.A. Rajendra Kumar: Traditional Siddha physician. Varma yoga master Tirunelveli Ayulvethikarpagam,Tirunelveli. Ph: 04637 – 245171.

17.Dr. Ayyan Kannu BSMS MD (S) : Santhigiri Siddha Medical College Trivandrum . 9895710139 (M)

18.Dr. R.Manickavasagam BSMS MD(S): National Institute of Siddha, Chennai: 09884166739 (M).

19.Dr. Saravanan BSMS MD (S): Govt. Siddha Medical College Palayam Kottai. 09843138909 (M).

20. Shri.A.A. Nazar BA, LL.B: Advocate, Vanchiyoor, Trivandrum 9847934195 (M)

21. Shri.Shiju K.V: Secretary, YMCA Trivandrum. 9495730354 (M).

22. Dr. Gunamani DHMS: Homeo Physician , Traditional Siddha Practitioner ( 30 Yrs). 'Author of KERALATHILE OUSHADA SASIYANGAL'. PH: 04712481750.

23. Dr. Gopakumar BAMS : Ayurveda Physician , Calicut. PH: 0483-2742366.

24. Mr. Babu :Asstt.Manager, KERAFED 9447587072(M)

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Really great dr.very useful blog.Dr.A.mamallan.,M.d.(siddha)

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’’யோகி என்றால் வாசியைக்கேள்
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Am so happy to testify about a great spell caster that helped me when all hope was lost for me to unite with my ex-girlfriend that I love so much. I had a girlfriend that love me so much but something terrible happen to our relationship one afternoon when her friend that was always trying to get to me was trying to force me to make love to her just because she was been jealous of her friend that i was dating and on the scene my girlfriend just walk in and she thought we had something special doing together, i tried to explain things to her that her friend always do this whenever she is not with me and i always refuse her but i never told her because i did not want the both of them to be enemies to each other but she never believed me. She broke up with me and I tried times without numbers to make her believe me but she never believed me until one day i heard about the DR. EMU and I emailed him and he replied to me so kindly and helped me get back my lovely relationship that was already gone for two months.
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To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

Siddha Medicine - A gift for the human being from Siddhars !

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