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Journey to Chathuragiri to find Siddha Mooligai

Dr.Arun Baby

At the top of Chathuragiri (April 12th, 2009)

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Korakkar Siddhar Cave of Chathuragiri

Dr.Arun Baby


Dr.Arun Baby

Vishnu Uppu collected from Rameshwaram Sea

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Siddha Management of Leucoderma

Leucoderma is characterised by completely depigmented macules and patches of various size and shapes.The patches may affect the whole body .It is a non-infectious disease .
siddha treatment
1.Ponnimilai chendooram-250mg with honey B.D
2.Kandankathiri choornam-5gm With hot water B.D
3.Thanga Basmam-2mg with honey B.D
4.Kandankathiri pazha ennai-Apply on affected parts and exposed to morning sunlight for 30minutes
5.Ponnimilai chendooram-500mg with chiratai thylam+Honey for external application.
Diet and Regimen
lemon,orange,tamirind ,Non veg,sea food shall be avoided.Take more Milk,water and leafy vegetables.

Pulse diagnosis method in siddha

Great siddhas like Tirumoolar,Agastyar etc have upheld the importance of Nadi diagonosis.According to Tirumoolar ,there are 72,000 nadies in our body.It is to be noted that the rate of pulse changes from male to female and go along with the concept of tridoshas find the explanation of pulse in the laughutrayees also.The pulsations felt on the index finger,middle finger and ring finger correspond respectively with vatha,pitha and kapha factors.In vatha nadi ,there is rapid heart rate,and rhytham is regular.The pulse movement resembles the movement snake.It is commonly seen in mitral stenosis.In pitha nadi the cardiac output is increased,there is moderate rise in percusion wave.Pulse movement resembles the movement of frog and is commonly seen in Aortic incompetence.In kapha nadi the cardiac ovput is decreased with slow heart rate the pulse movements resembles the movement of swan and is commonly seen in Aortic stenosis.Based on pulse reading alone,many of the diseases can be properly diagnosed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preliminary meeting for 4th world siddha doctors meet at Arumbakkam,chennai starts now

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Siddha Medicine for Nasal Polyp

1)Chandamarutha chendooram-50mg with honey O.D
2)Karpoorathi choornam-1Gm With Beetal leaf B.D
3)poorna chandrodaya Tablet -2 Tab with Betal leaf B.D
4)Pavala Parpam-5omg B.D

Wish you happy christmas

Saturday, December 10, 2011

siddha management for pneumonia

Major symptoms of pneumonia
sudden fever with rigor
Painful cough,dry at first later productive of tenacious sputum which is often rust coloured
Localised chest pain
Chest x-ray shows patchy infilteration generally of uniform density.
Laboratory features
D.L.C -Raised Neutrophils
Siddha treatment
1)Brahmananda Bhairavam-1tab with honey and ginger juice
2)Gorochana mathirai-2 tab tds
3)Kasturi matirai-1 tab with betel leaf juice
4)Thalaga karuppu -2oomg B.D

Monday, December 5, 2011

Educational interative session for Doctors by Sitharam pharmacy

Time:9.30 a.m to 4 p.m
Venue:Hotel Marina Residency
"Clinical approach and management of Hepatic diseases"
Dr.S.Gopakumar MD
Contact for details
Dr.Latheesh mob:9745738470

Sunday, December 4, 2011


To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

Siddha Medicine - A gift for the human being from Siddhars !

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