Dr.Arun Baby

Journey to Chathuragiri to find Siddha Mooligai

Dr.Arun Baby

At the top of Chathuragiri (April 12th, 2009)

Arun Baby

Korakkar Siddhar Cave of Chathuragiri

Dr.Arun Baby


Dr.Arun Baby

Vishnu Uppu collected from Rameshwaram Sea

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kollu podi thimirthal -Miracle siddha Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Children

      Initially Kollu Podithimirdhal is done for 21 days. That is Applying of Karunkollu powder (fine) from distal to proximal direction in all the limbs and trunk. Then for the next 21 days Sittraamutti ver Pal kashaayam ottradam with Wheat bran Kizhi is given. And this in my first hand observation of what is being done by Dr.Sriram ,Govt.Siddha Medical College,Palayamkottai has given tremendous improvement for the Cerebral Palsy children of variable severity. The quality of life has improved in several such babies and children. The improvement is continuing even after the completion of course of treatment as per the observation in follow up.

SIDDHA - The Safest Medicines from Natural Resources !!!

Medicines are from natural sources; purified materials are only used in medicines; processing methods are followed as per siddhars guidelines; nationals are there to take drug molecules to target cells; proper doses are advised; pathyam (Dietary Regimen) are advised to facilitate action of drugs; antidotes are prescribed by siddhars to counteract toxicity if at all yields; complementary effect of native chemicals in a formulations neutralizes toxicity.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Siddha Medicine Vishnukranthi kashaya best for Matured ovarian Folicle Formaion

Siddha Medicine & Yoga

Siddha Medical System and Yoga

Yoga  a physical, mental and spiritual practice having its origin over 6000 years ago in India, aims to integrate the body and the mind. The word yoga means unity or oneness and is derived from the word “yuj “which means” to join”. The unity or joining is described in spiritual terms as the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness and also balancing and harmonising the body, mind and soul. This is done through the practise of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha satkarma and meditation.

        Yoga is the science of right living and, as such, is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person; the physical, vital, mental emotional, psychic and spiritual. Yoga is one of the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy. Yoga was developed as a part of tantric civilisation which existed in India and all part of the world more than 6,000 years ago. In archaeological excavations made in the Indus valley at Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, many statues have been found depicting deities resembling Lord SIVA and PARVATHY performing various asana and practicing meditation. According to mythical tradition, SIVA is said to be the founder of yoga and PARVATHY his first disciple.     

Yoga  and Siddha System of Medicine

                          Origin of siddha and yoga  is inseparably same. It  traced to theological sources belonging to Shaiva tradition.  According to the tradition, Lord Shiva conveyed the knowledge of medicine and yoga to his wife Parvathy.  The knowledge was passed from her to Nandi and finally it was given to the Siddhars.  The word Siddha denotes one who has achieved some extraordinary powers(Siddhi).  This achievement was related to discipline of mind and its superiority over body, and was accomplished through both yoga and medicine.  Thus Siddhars (practitioners of Siddha) became the symbols of psychosomatic perfection and so the Siddha medicine became a combination medicine and yoga.Siddhar Thirumoolar and Pathanjali siddhar who lived in the  3rd century BC .   Pathanjali siddhar is consider as the father of yoga and Siddhar Thirumoolar is consider  as the father of therapeutic yoga.  Tirumanthiram  is  the  seminal text of saiva siddhadha ,yoga and medicine in Tamil.It dealing with science of life.It  is the outcome of Tirumoolar’s love and desire that mankind should share the fruits of his valuable  experience attained  during his Yoga practice .It is divided into nine thantras consisting of 3000  verses deals with the sivisam,prolongation of life by the control of breathing, medicine,yoga etc . The third thantra of thirumanthiram  deals with Ashtanga yoga, importance of ashtanga yoga,the great eight siddhis,measurement of life span, pariyanga yoga ,way to kaya siddhi,kala chakra,breath rhythm in days of the week, kecheri yoga,amuri dharana , Chandra yoga. There were so many texts regarding yoga by many siddhars,which were scattered in different texts. In Siddha  medicine yoga  comes under the kaya kalpa .Kaya kalpa means those which prevent graying of hairs , wrinkling of skin, ageing , senile changes, and other diseases for promoting  longevity  with complete  freedom from illness. Siddhars teaches yoga as a rejuvenation medicine along with natural remedies and those choose this path will get health ,happiness and longevity.

Thirumoolar siddha Yoga
                Yoga is a timeless practical science evolved over thousands of years dealing with the physical, moral, mental and spiritual well being of man as a whole. Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and spirit. Curative effect of  yoga over the pathological condition of the physical body  is clearly explained  in Sage Thirumoolar’s “THIRUMANTHIRAM”. Sage Thirumoolar  is one of the eighteen Siddhars who are considered as the founders of ancient Siddha system of medicine. He is also considering as the Father of Therapeutic Yoga. He explained Ashtanga yoga in the Tamil seminal text of Siva Siddha and therapeutic  yoga “Thirumanthiram”.

“Iyama niyamame ennila aathanam

Nayamigu piranayamam pirathiyakaran

Sayamigu dharanannai dhyanam samathi

Ayamigu attangamavathumame”


Meaning of above shloka is

“Yama, Niyama and Asana numberless

Pranayama  wholesome and Prathyahara alike

Dharana, Dhyana and Samathi to triumph

These eight are the steely limbs of YOGA


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why International Yoga Day in June 21 ???

why international day of yoga in JUNE21 st                                                                                                                                                                                                  Summer Solstice Date
June 2015
(Sunday)                                               2015 Summer Solstice, June Solstice

The Solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice, once in summer and once in winter, each year when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole. During Solstices the tilt of the axil of the Earth (with respect to the Sun) is the maximum at 23° 26'.

Solstices occur on 20th or 21st June and 21st or 22nd December each year. During summer the day of the solstice is the longest day of the year and during winter the day of the solstice is the shortest day of the year.

During June it is Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere. In other words during June Solstice it is summer time in the UK, the USA, Canada, Russia, India and China and it is the longest day of the year while it is winter time in Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa and it is the shortest day of the year.

Similarly during December it is Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere. In other words during December Solstice it is winter time in the UK, the USA, Canada, Russia, India and China and it is the shortest day of the year while it is summer time in Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa and it is the longest day of the year.

To avoid any confusion Solstices are preferably referred as June Solstice (Northern Solstice) and December Solstice (Southern Solstice). Summer Solstice is also known as Aestival Solstice.

In Hindu astrology Summer Solstice is known as Tropical Dakshinayana. However Sidereal Dakshinayana starts from Karka Sankranti - from this day onwards Asurakal starts which is not good to start auspicious work.

Saint Agasthiyar Father of Siddha Desingned Soorya Namaskar

Thirumoolar Siddhar & Pathanjali Siddhar -Father of Yoga Sasthra

Kollu Podithimirthal - Amazing Siddha external Therapy for Cerebral Palsy Children

Initially Kollu Podithimirdhal is done for 21 days. That is Applying of Karunkollu powder (fine) from distal to proximal direction in all the limbs and trunk. Then for the next 21 days Sittraamutti ver Pal kashaayam ottradam with Wheat bran Kizhi is given.Dr.Sriram,Govt.Siddha Medical College,has given tremendous improvement for the Cerebral Palsy  children of variable severity. The quality of life has improved in several such babies and children. The improvement is continuing even after the completion of course of treatment as per the observation in follow up.

Need Organic Dry Ginger ??

Dry Ginger mainly using in Traditional Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicines.But it is cultivating by using Chemical Pesticides which cause Cancer .But we offer 100% Organic  Dry Ginger Chukku maran variety.Contact +919946309106

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Siddha Medicines rapidly heals vericose Ulcer

First picture -Before treatment
2nd picture -after treatment
Manjatti kudineer 30 ml Twice a day (Before food )
Manjatti paste-Externally

Monday, June 15, 2015

Siddha Leech Therapy for Non healing wounds

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Today Bohar Siddhar Birth Festi val @ Pazani,Tamilnadu

Friday, June 12, 2015

Siddha Medicine prepared from 7000 Herbal Plants (Bark,seed,leaf,root etc)

Siddha Medicine prepared from 500 Animal Products

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Want Siddha Medicinal plants ??? Contact : sdfpharma@aol.in (Mob +919946309106 )

Botanical Name   Malayalam Name
Madhuca indica Elippa
Acorus calamus Vayambu
Justicia gendrassa Vathamkolli
Murraya koenigi Kariveppu
Nyctanthes arbor- tristi Parijatham
Curcuma aromattica Kasthoorimanjal
Caesalpinia sappan Chappangam
Punica granatum Mathalam
Sterospermum colais Pathiri
Tylophora indica Vallippala
Pittosporum tetraspermum Analivegam
Jankiya arayalpatra Amruthapala
Kigelia pinnata Sosage tree
Solanum syrattense Kandakarichunda
Vitex negundo (Black) Karinochi
Thevetia peruviana Manjarali
Coleus freskholi Marunnu koorkka
Ocimum basilicum Ramathulasi
Bixa orellana Anatto
Gymnema sylvestre Chakkarakolli
Jatropha carcos Jetropha
Cinnamomum zeylancium Karuvappatta
Alstonia venenata Theepala
Primneceratty folia Munja
Sarcostemma stocksii Somalatha
Holarrhena pubescens Kadugappala
Coscinium fenestratum Maramanjal
Ipomoea obscura Chuttithiruthali
Acacia catechu Karingali
Clitoria ternatea Sangupushppam
Ficus benghalensis Peral
Gloriosa superba Methonni
Ficus religiosa Arayal
Alangium salvifolium Ankolam
Gardinia recinifera Somanadikayam
Cossea travencorensis Pushkaramulla
Borassus flabellifer Karimpana
Ficus krishnae Krishnanal
Sesbania grandiflora Agathi
Datura stramonium Neela Ummam
Vitis quadrangularis Changalamparanda
Jatropha multifida Churakkalli
Woodfordia fruticosa Thadhiri
Aristolochia indica Garudakkodi
Pseudarthria viscida Moovila
Pogostmon pacholi Pacholi
Desmodium gangeticum Orila
Ficus gibosa Ithi
Desmodium motorrium Ramanamapacha
Ficus recemosa Atthi
Oroxylum indicum Palakapayyani
Cinnamomum camphora Karpuram
Pongamia pinnata Ungu
Boswellia serrata Vellakundirikkam
Gmelina arborea Kumizhu
Elaeocarpus ganitus Rudraksham
Kaemperia rotunda Chengazhaneerkizhangu
Terminalia chebula Kadukka
Aloe barbadensis Kattarvazha
Pterocarpus santalainus Rakthachandanam
Andrographis paniculata Kiriyath
Anaphyllum wightii Keerakhizhangu
Pterocarpus marsupium Venga
Solanum melongina Cheru vazhuthina
Baccopa monneri Brahmi
Clerodendrum serratum Cheru Teak
Saraca asoca Ashokam
Albizia lebbeck Nenmenivaka
Terminalia paniculata Maruthu
Alstonia scholaris Ezhilamppala
Mimusops elengi Elanji
Eupatorium triplenerve Ayyapana
Syzygium cumini Njaval
Wrightia tinctoria Dandapala
Santalum album Chandanam
Millingtonia hortensis Poopadiri
Ichnocarpus frutescens Palvalli
Cycas circinalis Eunthu
Quassia indica Karinjotta
Chukrasia tabularis Chuvanna akhil
Dysoxylum malabaricum Vella Akhil
Cymbopogon flexuosus Ingipullu
Operculina turpethum Thrikolpakonna
Puthranjiva roxburgi Putranjeeva
Crateva religiosa Neermathalam
Argyreia nervosa Samudrapacha
Centella asiatica Kodangal
Antiaris toxicaria Maravoori
Adnanthera pavonina Manchadi
Bauhinia varigata Mantharam
Adena hondala Karimuthuku
Ipomoea mauritiana Palmuthuku
Canarium strictum Kundirikkam
Acacia intsia Incha
Semicarpus anacardium Cheru
Sappindus tripholiates Uruvanchi
Salix tetrasperma Attuvanchi
Naregamia alata Nilanarakam
Citrus medica Ganapathi narakam
Hidinocarpus laurifolia Marotti
Salacia reticulata Ekanayakam
Cassia fistula Kanikonna
Stevia rebaudiana Stevia
Scaevola taccada Bhadraksham
Butea monosperma Plasu
Myristica malabarica Kattujadhi
Vateria indica Payin
Mesua nagassarium Nagapoomaram
Couroupita guianensis Nagalingamaram
Calotropis gagantea Vella erukku
Calophyllum inophyllum Punna
Spondias pinnata Ambazham
Tinospora cordifolia Chittamruthu
Diospros cruminata Karimaram
Homonoia riparia Kallurvanchi
Flacourtia jangomas Vayangatha
Costus pictus Insulinchedi
Terminalia bellirica Thanni
Solanum nigrum Manithakkali
Elettaria cardamomum Elam
Anthocephalus kadamba Vella kadambu
Glycyrrhiza glabra Erattimathuram
Eucalyptus globules Yukkali
Plumbago auriculata Neelakoduveli
Plumbago zeylanica Vellakoduveli
Strychnos nux - vomica Kanjiram
Aporosa lindleyana Vetti
Lagerstroemia reginae Manimaruthu
Azadirachta indica Aryaveppu
Curculigo orchioides Nilappana
Terminalia catappa Badam
Piper chaba Bangla thippali
Terminalia cranulata Karimaruthu
Cyclea peltata Padakizhagu
Tabernaemontana divaricata Nandyarvattam
Symplocos recemosa Pachotti
Calophyllum tomentosum Kattupunna
Piper betle Vettila
Ocimum sanctum Krishna thulasi
Ocimum kilimandscharicum Karpoora thulasi
Aristolochia bracteolata Aduthinnappala
Tetrameles nudiflora Cheenikka
Comiphora mukil Gugulu
Aphanamixis polystachya Chemmaram
Curcuma caesia Karimanjal
Ensete superbum Kalluvazha
Randia brandisae Malangara
Toona ciliata Chandana vembu
Microcos pemiculets Kottam
Prosopis chilensis Vahnni
Melia dubia Mala veppu
Pelergonium gravionelsil Swit rosa
Bambusa arundinaceae Mula
Glycosmis pentaphylla Panal
Feronia limonia Vilar
Helicteres isora Edampiri Valampiri
Strophathus wightianus Neyvalli
Blumea balsamifera Boothamkolli
Thottea siliquosa Alpam
Hopea parviflora Thambakam
Mimosa invisa Mullillathottavadi
Mentha gravensis Pothina
Embelia tsjeriumcottam Kattuvizhal
Embelia ribes Vizhalari
Nothapodytes nimmoniana Peenari
Solanum torvum Puthirichunda
Lycopodium phlegmaria Kalcheda
Nagavally Nagavally
Pandanus lattifolius Ramba ela
Hemidesmus indicus Nannari
Myxopyrum serratulum Chathuramulla
Ficus virance Kallathi
Ficus mysorensis Kallal
Chonemorpha fragrans Perumkurumba
Thespesia populnea Poovarasu
Holoptelia integrifolia Aval
Nervilia aragona Orilathamara
Hibiscus abelmoschus Kasthoori venda
Cinnamomum sulphuratum Vazhana
Ocimum grattisimum Agasthya thulasi
Trichosanthes cucumerina Kattupadavalam
Alpinia calcarata Chittarutha
Vetiveria zizanioides Ramacham
Vallaris solanacea Vishamooli
Asystasia quadrangularis Murikootti
Withania somnifera Amukkuram
Piper longum Thippali
Asparagus recemosus Sathavari
Plumbago rosea Koduveli
Holostemma adakodien Adapathiyan
Adhathoda beddomei Adalodakam
Rauvolfia serpentina Sarppagandi
Croton tiglium Neervalam
Ruta graveolens Arutha
Vitex negundo Karinochi (ord)
Trichopus zeylanicus Arogyapacha
Terminalia arjuna Neermaruthu
Mornga oleifera Muringa
Blepharis boerheviafolia Hemadandi
Indigofera tinctoria Neelamari
Aegle marmelos Koovalam
Coleus aromaticus Panikoorkka
Coleus zeylanicus Eruveli
Pimenta officinalis Sarvasugandi
Nilgirianthus ciliatus Karim kurinji
Selaginella sp: Garudapacha
Baliospermum montanum Nagadandi
Mucuna prurita Naykkaruna (Choriyathathu)
Buchanazia angustifolia Kulamavu
Mint Thulasi Mint Thulasi
Rubia cordifolia Manjatti
Kampferia galanga Kacholam

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Don't miss dear Siddha Doctors NOOLAGAM 2015 at Yerkadu,Tamilnadu on 14-06-2015


BOHAR Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi (Attainment Place ) -Pazani,Tamilnadu

Monday, June 1, 2015

Siddha Medicine for Dry Eczema

Parangi pattai Rasayanam
Parangi pattai choornam
Rasagendhi mezugu capsule
Gandaga capsule
Chirattai Thylam
Sivanarvembu kuzi thylam

Siddha Endangered Herb -Karimanjal

32 Siddha External Therapies


To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

Siddha Medicine - A gift for the human being from Siddhars !

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