Dr.Arun Baby

Journey to Chathuragiri to find Siddha Mooligai

Dr.Arun Baby

At the top of Chathuragiri (April 12th, 2009)

Arun Baby

Korakkar Siddhar Cave of Chathuragiri

Dr.Arun Baby


Dr.Arun Baby

Vishnu Uppu collected from Rameshwaram Sea

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ayush Siddha expo -Madurai

3-Day MADITSSIA AYUSH 2024 Expo on 21 – 23 June 2024 at MADITSSIA Hall, Madurai.


•The role of Siddha / Ayurveda / Unani / Homeopathy / Yoga & Naturopathy and  in the management of life style disorders.
•Protection, Preservation and Promotion of Health by Siddha / Ayurveda / Unani / Homeopathy / Yoga & Naturopathy.
•Role of Indian systems of Medicine for Non-communicable diseases.
•Kayakarpa Therapy in Siddha System.
•Siddha Varmam Therapy
•Rasayana Therapy in Ayurveda and its benefits.
•Siddha / Ayurveda for Genetic Disorders
•Healthy and Fortuitous motherhood through Siddha/Ayurveda
•Role of food as medicine.
•Management of HIV Infection and Treatment
•Cancer cure- through Siddha/Ayurveda/Unani
•Scientific Validation AYUSH Medicines
•Siddha Leech Therapy for selected diseases
•Management of Autism
•Future scope of Integrated Medicine


Recommended topics include the sub themes are welcome for paper and poster presentation. Researchers and Practitioners are invited to submit on or before June 1st an abstract of 200 to 250 words clearly explaining the Objective, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Keywords in Times New Roman, Font 12 Format. Authors will be notified by June 10, 2024 about the status of their abstracts and sent Full paper and Powerpoint on or before June 15, 2024.

•For Registration, Paper Submission please register through the google form. (link…)
• For other enquiries please feel free to contact by WhatsApp or Call or SMS 9842167567 (Dr J Jeyavenkatesh), 9994611056 (Dr B Manikandan)

•For Other conference details please send mail to events@gmail.com  and a copy to jeyavenkateshdrs@gmail.com


*No Participation and Presentation fee for Students

•Last Date to submit the abstracts on 1st June 2024
•Intimation of Selected Papers will be communicated on 10th June 2024
•Submission of Full paper and Power point show on 15th June 2024.

We herewith attached the Brochure and Concept paper for your perusal. We are eager fully expecting your cooperation and positive response for the promotion of AYUSH health care and join hands with MADITSSIA.

Naturally Yours,



Sunday, May 19, 2024

siddha poster on national conference of oncology

Saturday, May 18, 2024

siddha Doctors Dr. Shanmuga Sundari &Dr. Shanthi retaired from Kerala Medical Services

Friday, May 10, 2024


To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

Siddha Medicine - A gift for the human being from Siddhars !

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