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Journey to Chathuragiri to find Siddha Mooligai

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At the top of Chathuragiri (April 12th, 2009)

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Korakkar Siddhar Cave of Chathuragiri

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Dr.Arun Baby

Vishnu Uppu collected from Rameshwaram Sea

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Siddha management for peptic ulcer

Epigastric pain readily relieved by food or antacids strongly suggests ulcer
Pain in often as burning
Pain is provocated by mental and physical fatigue
Careful barium meal examination and endoscopy of upper G.I.T value in identifying peptic ulcer
siddha treatment
Vilvadi lehium -1teaspoon B.D
Venpoosani nei-15ml B.D
kungiliya parpam-100mg B.D B.F
Complete bed rest for one week
Patient be put on two hourly milk diet
No chillies or masala should be allowed
Tea,Coffee,Alcoholic Drinks and smoking avoid

Monday, November 28, 2011

Siddha medicinal values of Cassia auriculata

"Diabetes melitus wil be cured
Leucorrhoea will be removed
Urinary problems including dysurea
Will all go by gum of Tanners cassia .
When the vexed polyurea persists
And the flush too always burns
There is too much to tell
Take Cassia and you will be well"

SIDDHA-Name of a Perfect Medicine

"A medicine that has its orgin in the most suitable geographical location,extracted on an auspicious day,effective even if used in least possible quantity,extremely powerful having pleasent aroma,colour and full of essence,able to remove all the disorders without any side effects ,and if administered at the right time,such a medicine is the perfect one for a particular treatment"

Saturday, November 26, 2011

siddha management of prostate enlargement

Signs and symptoms
Frequency of micturition at night increased
Difficulty of micturition-dribbling occur at the end
Patient passes urine better on standing posture
There may be retention of urine due to cogestion
On examination
P/A-bladder may be distended
kidney may be left
P/R-Enllarged prostrate
1)Jalamanjari chendooram-200mg with tender coconut water
2)Silajith parpam-1gm with butter
3)Navauppu mezugu-100mg with palm jaggery OD
4)Neermulli kudineer-30ml B.D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Life goes on without food?

Life goes on in a genuine Yogi without food.What is then his fuel? .It has already been explained that in Yoga practice,a super gland is at work to secrete Ambrosia-a super hormone that nurtures the Yogi indefinitely.It is the nectar that makes the adept perfectly alright and assures longer life'How is then to tap this amazing psychic gland ? Is now problem.It is the mystic feat that can only be performed by a genuine Yogi.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Siddha medicinal use of Acacia nilotica

"It will consolidate the watery like semen
Cures the pus oozing leucorrhea of women
Improves the complexion and increases strength
That is the gum of acacia nilotica say the oldeth"

Oil Massage in siddha and modern view

Researches disclose the various facets of applying unctuous substances.Studies suggest that the growth factors of children like weight,height and mid arm and mid leg circumferences significantly improve on massaging with sesame oil
Another study reveals that the growth velocity both in respect to height and weight gain amongst the infants were comparatively higher in the groups massaged with coconut oil.Results evinced that the fatty acid profiles of the massaged babies.The application of linoleate enriched oils like sunflower oil in infants prevents the susceptibility of nosocomial infections by enhancing the skin barrier function.Researches revealed that meditation and oil massage often induce altered states of Consciousness.Which reduces the anxiety level.Massage might provide stimulation which may help in blocking the pain signals sent to the brain(the'gate control theory of pain reduction).It might shift the patient's nervous system away from the sympthetic and toward the parasympathetic nervous system.It might stimulate the release of certain chemicals in the body such as serotonin.It may preventing fibrosis or increasing the flow of lymph .It might improve sleep

Current Health news

1)Drinking two or more sugared beverages daily raise heart,diabetes risk for women(Nov 16,Washington)
2)Depression linked to cardiovascular heart diseases risk(Nov17 Tornoto)
3)High fibre diet (breads,cerals,oats,brown rice) cuts bowel cancer risk especially colorectal cancer(Nov 18 London)
4)Type 2 diabetes rising among kinds due to lack of excercise(15 Kolkata)
5)Eating nuts lowers heart disease risk in people (19 Nov London)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Siddha management of ulcerative colitis

The major symptoms of ulcerative colitis are bloody diarrohea and abdominal pain,often with low grade fever,anorexia and loss of weight.
There is tenderness along the course of colon
Laboratory findings
HB decreased,E.S.R raised,Leucocytosis
For confirmation of diagonosis Barium enema and sigmoidoscopy are necessary
1)Padiga linga chendooram -1gm with ghee B.D
2)Kungiliya parpam-500mg with tender coconut water
3)Madulai Manappagu-15 ml twice daily
Diet and Regimen
avoid chillies,masalas,spices,tea,coffee,alcohol
Taken more butter milk,fruit juice,gruel of rice,milk etc

Siddha management of Eczema

Eczema begins with erythema and oedema followed by minute
Vesicles and papules with intese itching
Vesicles repture and this will give rise to an oozing of fluid
Gradually exudates dry up with scaling and crusting.
1)Parangi pattai choornam-2gm with sugar and milk
2)Rasagandi mezugu-1 gm with jaggery twice a day
3)Karappan thilam-5 drop internally with milk once in morning and for external application
Apply paste of neem leaves and turmeric on affected part
spicy,sour,non-veg,food like curd ,garlic
panchakarma therapies

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Many many happy returns of the day Dr.Sumaya Salim ,Muscut

Happy world Diabetes day-November 14

To prevent progression of Atherosclerosis
Check following regularly
Blood sugar FBS&PPBS-Every month
Blood pressure-Every month
Lipid profile-Every 6 month
Creatinine-Every 6 month
Take medication regularly
Diabetic medication,B.P lowering medication
Lipid lowering medication
Take fiber rich diet
Avoid deep fried food
Avoid high caloric food
Avoid alcohol and smoking

Friday, November 11, 2011


Date:Nov 14,15,16
Venue:Siddha Central Research Institute ,Arumbakkam,Chennai,Tamilnadu
Reg.Fee 750
More details visit www.ccrs.org

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amenorrhea and siddha medicine

Amenorrhoea is defind as the failure of menarche by age 16 yrs or absence of menstruation for 6 months in a woman with periodic menses
Pattu karappu -100mg B.D with honey
Maha veera mezugu-100mg with palm jaggery
Vengara mathirai-1 pill TDS
Diet and Regimen
Take sesamam indicum with palm jaggery,Pome granate fruit,soya beans etc.Avoid pickles,sour,masala food.Take more leafy vegetables

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Significance of Leech application(Hirudo medicinalis) in Siddha

In the case of swelling due to injury,boils and abscesses the leech is placed over the affected area.
In uncontrolled vomiting the leech may be placed over the fonticulus gutturis
It is placed over the forehead in case of intractable headache
For control of headache caused by menopause the leech is placed over thigh
In the case of liver enlargement the leech is placed over the site of liver
In the case of pain in eyes and eye brows with watering the leech is placed 1.25 cm away from the lateral angle of the eye

Friday, November 4, 2011

Siddhars philosophy-Human being is an integral part of Universe

"What is the universe is in the body
What is in the body in the Universe
One and the same are the universe and body
A deep thinking will show you of no diverse"
(Sattamuni siddhar-2 B.C)

Siddha therapeutic use of Mucuna pruriens

"Know the property of black Mucuna prurien
As aphrodisiac it increase quantity of semen
Removes odour from the body like deoderent
Arrests haemorrhage since it is astringent!!"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Siddha medicinal use of Michelia chempaka

"Leucorrhoea ,loss of semen,bone related fever
Boil in the eyes and bile mixed wind humor
Michelia champaca flower will cure,listen my lady
Not only that,it will also make one very happy"

Siddha medicinal value of Lawsonia alba

"Problems of mensturation without telling
Be gone and the deranged bile with blood vomiting
Will be cured;my dear venus like beautiful,ah!
Belonde,by the hidden root of Lawsonia alba"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

'Experience the virtue of NATURE'


To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

Siddha Medicine - A gift for the human being from Siddhars !

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