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Journey to Chathuragiri to find Siddha Mooligai

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At the top of Chathuragiri (April 12th, 2009)

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Korakkar Siddhar Cave of Chathuragiri

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Dr.Arun Baby

Vishnu Uppu collected from Rameshwaram Sea

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Tonsilitis in siddha Medicine

  1. Thayir Chundi churnam 2-5gm twice daily with butter milk.
  2. Tab. Thayir chundi 2-0-2
  3. Vilvathi Lehyam 5gm twice daily after food.
  4. Padikaara Chendooram 200mg Twice daily with Honey.
  5. Kariveppilai Kudineer 60ml with butter milk twice daily before food.
  6. Sangu Parpam 200mg twice daily with Honey.
  7. Annabedi chendooram 120 mg with Honey twice daily After food.
If constipation Present :

  1. Nilavagai churnam 5 gm at bed time with Hot water
  2. Tab. Nilavarai Churnam 2 at bed time
If Diarrhoa Present :
  1. Kabada Mathirai SOS
  2. Thayir Chundi churnam 2-5gm twice daily with butter milk.

IBS Treatment in Siddha

  1. Thayir Chundi churnam 2-5gm twice daily with butter milk.
  2. Tab. Thayir chundi 2-0-2
  3. Vilvathi Lehyam 5gm twice daily after food.
  4. Padikaara Chendooram 200mg Twice daily with Honey.
  5. Kariveppilai Kudineer 60ml with butter milk twice daily before food.
  6. Sangu Parpam 200mg twice daily with Honey.
  7. Annabedi chendooram 120 mg with Honey twice daily After food.
If constipation Present :

  1. Nilavagai churnam 5 gm at bed time with Hot water
  2. Tab. Nilavarai Churnam 2 at bed time
If Diarrhoa Present :
  1. Kabada Mathirai SOS
  2. Thayir Chundi churnam 2-5gm twice daily with butter milk.

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32 Siddha External Therapies

32 #Siddha #External #Medicine/#Therapies

Like Tamil civilization and Tamil speaking people, our ancient Siddhars always thought differently and differed from others. The Siddhars differ from Vedam (Vedantham) and originated Siddham (Siddhantham). We can assure the Siddhars won't fully believe Veda and raised their voices against "false beliefs" which were not accepted by them. They widely used their wisdom to analyse the truth said in Veda, #accepted the most trusted and #rejected those were against community. 

Like 32 Siddha Internal medicines, Siddhars compiled various external therapies into 32 different categories under Siddha #PURA #MARUTTHUVAM. Nowadays different kinds of external therapies are practiced all over the world, but we could not forget or refuse  that their roots have been arisen from Tamil Medical System.

Siddha system is a fulfilled medical system having its 32 classical external therapies rather than other indigenous medical systems. 

#Siddha #External #Therapy is an unsung area in Siddha Medical System. Each and every Siddha clinic should have a dedicated external therapy centre to uplift their practice👍

1. கட்டு
#KATTU (Compress or Bandage)
            Application and covering of a specially prepared topical medicine made up of crude plants, birds, fermented water or inorganic substances on the affected area is known as Kattu. This procedure is usually done for three times, at an interval of 3-7 days. It essentially a procedure of fresh bandaging of crude or boiled plants, birds in vinegar and inorganic salts on the affected places of the body. In general Kattu is the method of applying a strip of material such as climber, whole plant, boiled bird skin, fermented water or inorganic substances on the affected area to protect, immobilize, compress, or support a wound, swelling, abscess or injured body part.
2. பற்று
#PATRU (Semi-Solid Poultice)
            According to Therayar Patru is a method of applying fine powder or crude drugs grinded with an appropriate liquid as a semi solid poultice and warmed gently or boiled before applying it on the affected area. It is defined as one of a heat therapy by Therayar. It is generally use in the diseased conditions like swellings and abscesses. Eventhough Patru is not practiced under heat therapy, it is mandatory to warm the Patru before application for good prognosis.
3. ஒற்றடம்
#OTRADAM (Fomentation)
            In general Otradam is prepared and administered as follows. The required plant parts, grains and others are put in a container, fried or boiled or heated and then tied in a cloth bag. The bag is put on the affected areas and then gently compressed and released in a rhythemic manner for few minutes or till the heat subsides. It is also called as Otral. Bronze, iron, rod, sand, cloth, mud vessel are also heated and used for fomentation to give relief from pain. It may be defined as a method of rhythemic compression and relaxation of a hot or cold paste or cloth bags or vessels on the affected areas.
4. பூச்சு
#POOTCHU (Liquid Poultice)
            Pootchu is defined as the topical application of medicated oils or herbal juices, decoctions after warming them gently. It may be also prepared by dissolving the herbal powders or tablets into a juice or oil and then used. Generally it is slowly applied on the affected areas and then gently smeared for few minutes or till the heat subsides.
5. வேது
#VEDHU (Steaming)
            Vedhu is defined as a method of stimulation of sweat using pain or medicated steam. It is otherwise called as Sweat therapy. It relieves hypersensitivity of hair follicles, pricking pain and organ spasm. It relaxes and brings softness to the spastic organs. It rids chronic Vali diseases (Neurological disorders).
6. பொட்டணம்
#POTTANAM (Bundle application)
            Pottanam is defined as  a method of medicated powders put in a cloth bundle, tied well and kept on the affected areas or smelt or dipped in a liquid medicine and then kept on the affected areas. It may also stimulate sweat on the treatment sites. It is otherwise called as medicated pouch or bundle fomentation. It relieves Vadha diseases.
7. தொக்கணம்
#THOKKANAM (Massage manipulation)
            Thokkanam is a method of manipulation and mobilization of the affected areas using hidden vital points (Varma pulli) i.e. energy points. According to Therayar Thokku means muscle and Anam means Hugging. In this method the physician or the therapist touching, manipulating, percussing the affected areas of the patient by one or more among nine methods described by Therayar Tharu. Thokkanam rids chronic Vali diseases (Neurological disorders). It is otherwise called as Marthanam. It is a special external therapy to treat Vaadha diseases (Neruo muscular diseases) and specially employed for stroke, sprain, dislocation, muscle weakness, pain arisen from other diseases.
8. புகை
#PUGAI (Medicated Fumigation)
            Pugai is defined as a method of fumigation in which the medicated fume is generated by burning the drugs directly or putting the drugs into the fire.
9. மை
#MAI (Medicated eye salve)
            Mai is defined as a soft external application mostly lined on the eye lashes in smaller quantity to treat eye diseases. Lining of eye lashes is usually performed by a specific probe. Mai is otherwise called as Anjanam.
10. பொடி திமிர்தல்
#PODI THIMIRTHAL (Powder massage)
            Podithimirthal is defined as a method in which dry herbal powder is applied over the affected skin or all over the body then peeled out gently after some time by rolling method.
11. கலிக்கம்
#KALIKKAM (Liquid ophthalmic application)
            Kalikkam is defined as a method of ophthalmic liquid application (Eye drops). Kalikkam is prepared by crushing and extracting the liquid juice from fresh plant parts or packed in a cloth and soaked in a liquid and then the liquid juice extracted. The extracted juice is instilled into eyes. Kalikkam (Ophthalmic drops) is first instilled into left eye and then into right eye. Generally Kalikkam is instilled into medial eyelid of the eye upto 1-5 drops. Kalikkam is a method employed to treat aquous type of eye diseases, Iya humour diseases and various complex diseases, of the eye. Kalikkam is widely employed in unconscious patients during emergency medical care.
12. நசியம்
#NASIYAM (Liquid nasal application)
            Nasiyam is a method of instilling liquid into both nostrils. Fresh plant parts are crushed and filtered or boiled and filtered or the semisolid prepared medicine is dissolved in solution and filtered or prepared fatty oil is instilled into nostrils. It is widely employed to treat the diseases of ear, nose and throat and strengthens the organs above neck.
13. ஊதல்
#UTHAL (Medicated aerosol)
            Uthal is a method of blowing air from the mouth towards ear, eyes etc., after chewing few leaves or raw drugs. Uthal may be performed towards septic wounds, ulceration in the anal canal using a blow pipe filled with medicines.
14. நாசிகாபரணம்
#NASIKAPARANAM (Powder nasal application)
            Nasikaparanam is defined as the method of application of dry nasal powder into nostrils. It is otherwise called as nasal snuff or nasal powder. Dry raw drugs are crushed, finely powdered and filtered using a fine cloth. The fine powder about Panai edai (488 mg) is used to apply.
15. களிம்பு
#KALIMBU (Ointment application)
            Kalimbu is defined as the buffer of oil and water, compounded with specific drug powders. It is otherwise called as Kuzhambu. The raw drugs are finely powered and gently grinded with appropriate oil substance or butter. The grinded drug is rubbed and washed with water. Kalimbu is entirely different from Vennai drug which is already used using butter.        Kalimbu is effective in treating chronic ulcers, serious not healing ulcers. Strong corrosive alkaline medicines are generally used to treat chronic ulcers and the medicines may cause corrosive reactions. Kalimbu medicines nullify the unwanted effects of caustic drugs due to their butter and ghee contents.
16. சீலை
#SEELAI (Plaster application)
            Seelai is defined as the method of smearing poisonous medicinal drugs grinded with appropriate oil substance on a sterile cloth to make a plaster. It is otherwise called as Pattikattal, Pattithuni, Ottumthuni, Salla or Plasthiri.
            The prepared medicated plaster is administered as per requirement. It is applied on the affected area by gently heating or with out heating the plaster. Gingelley oil and castor oil is commonly used to prepare plasters.
17. நீர்
#NEER (Medicated solution)
            Neer is defined as the method of soaking the drugs into the water or making a decoction or dissolving the dry powder into water or mixing the plant juice into the water and the filtered solution is applied on the affected area to treat or wash.
18. வர்த்தி
#VARTHI (Medicated pessary)
            Varthi is defined as a medicated plug in which the appropriate drugs are grinded well and rolled as plug and used to be inserted into an opening. Varthi may also be called as Thiri or wick or pessary. The plug may also be prepared by smearing the dissolved drugs or heated medicated oil on a cloth wick or cotton wick. Varthi may be performed to treat septic wounds, vaginal diseases, penile ulcers, chronic constipation and ano rectal diseases. Varthi is also used as annual pessary to excrete fecal matter in chronic constipation. It is otherwise called as medicated thiri.
19. சுட்டிகை
#SUTTIGAI (Cautery cauterization)
            Suttigai is defined as the destruction of tissue using a hot instrument. The method of destruction tissue using a hot instrument is known as cauterization. Many corrosive chemicals, hot metals, heated wood or stone, hot sun rays and hot air also can destroy the unwanted tissue and widely used to necrotize the warts, corns and to stop bleeding from injured or incised wounds.
20. சலாகை
#SALAGAI (Surgical probing)
            Salagai is defined as a probing therapy using a surgical probe to destruct and clean the detoriated tissue using a long instrument. The method of cleaning the infected tissue using a long probe is known as Salagai.
21. பசை
#PASAI (Embrocation application)
            Pasai is defined as the mixture of medicated powders with specific oil and melted honey bee wax. In general pasai is prepared by adding honey bee wax with few medicinal powders. Its physical property is almost similar with wax or gum. It is otherwise called as lepam or servai or mezhugu. During the preparation of Pasai paraffin wax is not generally used, because honey bee is better than paraffin wax.
22. களி
#KALI (Cataplasm paste application)
            Kali is defined as an application and covering of a specially prepared topical medicine made up of a rice flour or flour of any cereals or pulses cooked well. It is topically applied to treat swelling, abscess, lymphadenitis etc.
23. பொடி
#PODI (Medicated dust or Powder application)
            Podi is defined as the finely powdered raw drugs used to sprinkle on the affected areas. It is dusted over the chronic weeping or purulent wounds.
24. முறிச்சல்
#MURICHAL (Bone re-breaking and re-setting) 
            Murichal is the method of physical manipulation by which the dislocated bone, joint or mal-union bone are brought to their normal position by re-breaking and re-setting. It may need local or nerve block anesthesia for breaking and resetting.
25. கீறல்
#KEERAL (Incisions and Draining)
            Deeral is defined as a incisions and draining with a small incisions done on the abcess and drain the exudates.
26. காரம்
#KAARAM (Chemical cauterization)
Karram is defined as a method of inducing blisters or ulcers or dissolving the cutaneous tissue on the particular area where the unsighty warts or unwanted growth are present. It helps to destruct the tissue using a caustic and corrosive chemical. The method of destruction of tissue using a hot chemical like latex, sodium carbonate, alum helps to complete removal of tissue and also prevents the recurrence.
27. அட்டைவிடல்
#ATTAI VIDAL (Leech Application)
            Leech Therappy is the method of keeping medicinal leech over the affected area to absorb the blood.
28. அறுவை
#ARUVAI (Surgical application)
            Aruvai or Surgery is defined as the method of removing or repairing the affected organs by using surgical instruments.
29. கொம்புகட்டல்
#KOMBU KATTAL (Bone setting by supporting)
            Kombu Kattal is defined as the method of fixing wood or steel or hard rods over the bone fractures or dislocated joints as a support to ascertain immobilization and reunion.
30. உறிஞ்சல்
#URINJAL (Needle or pipe aspiration)
            Urinjal is defined as the method of aspiration by means of fine needle or suction by means of long probe to aspirate and excise the unwanted fluid in the mass or opening.
31. குருதி வாங்கல்
#KURUTHI VAANGAL (Instrumental blood letting)
            Kuruthivaangal is defined as the method of leading and removing the excess blood in specific areas. It is commonly known as instrumental blood letting.

#Information #Compilation:
Dr J Jeyavenkatesh MD Siddha, PhD,
Kokila Siddha Hospital and Research Centre,
27, Jaihindpuram First Street,
Madurai 625011

32. பீச்சு
#PEETCHU (Douche application)
            Peetchu is the method of insertion of liquid medicines to excrete or wash the internal organs using a piston and pipe. The instrument used to perform Peetchu is called as Peetchu karuvi.
Write up by Dr. Jeyavenkatesh MD(S)

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common covid 19protocol for Siddha doctors by Ayush Ministry, Govt. of India

Paediatric Guidlines for Siddha Doctors for Covid 19

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Siddha covid medicine kapha jwara kudineer national wide distribution Ingural ceremany by Ayush Ministry, Govt. of India

The Ministry of Ayush is launching a Nationwide distribution campaign tomorrow, that is, on 7 May 2021 for its polyherbal drugs, AYUSH 64 and Kabasura Kudineer, for the benefit of the vast majority of out of hospital Covid 19 patients, at 12 PM. 

The efficacy of both these drugs in the management of asymptomatic, mild & moderate cases of Covid 19 has been proved through robust multi-centred clinical trials. 

You can watch the live-streaming of this important event on the YouTube of the Ministry of Ayush. 

The multi-stakeholder campaign which is being launched by Shri Kiren Rijiju, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and Minister ( in-charge) Ministry of Ayush, will ensure that the medicines reach the needy in a transparent and efficient manner. 

Further, this campaign which aims to help control and mitigate the Covid 19 situation in the country, will have Sewa Bharti as its main collaborator. 
PMO India Shripad Naik Kiren Rijiju Press Information Bureau - PIB, Government of India MyGov Corona Hub

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Siddha medicine clinical experience sharing for covid 19 by Dr. Shafana Praveen

 Before 10 days my husband was covid- positive,  he temperature was 103, medicine given was kabasura kudineer chooranam and mahasudarsana chooranam,  BB pills, after giving medicine temperature   reduced to 100 again after 4 hrs will rise to 103, after 3 days fever got reduced , severe vomiting 6 times /day , neikuri seen it was pitha kabam so medicines changed to adathodai kashayam and ss pills, vomit got stop immediately,  then next day severe body pain and head ache vathasura kudineer was given, in single day pain got vanished, next day loss of smell and taste lavangathi chooranam + kasa ulanthagan+ vajrakandi,  KABASURA KUDINEER was given, in next two days all smell and taste was ok, then he felt extreme tired even to walk , poornachandrodaiyam was given next two days... now he has no symptoms, and covid- negative... thank u soo much Dr.mamallan sir who treated my husband,  all symptoms got vanished in sudden change of medicines,  thank you Siddhars
Dr. Shafana praveen

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swab test duty by Dr. Arunbaby @Muthanga border covid fecilitation centre, Wayanad

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Different siddha medical camps at wayanad by Dr Arunbaby

Our siddha medical camps for wayanadan tribes

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a medical solution foringrown toe nail in siddha

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siddha forcovid 19 webinar

4th siddha day wishes to all

Siddha day 02 January 2021Dhyanam by Siddhar Thirumoolar #Dhyanam"Look within in DhyanaWell may they practice yoga eight-thousand yearStill they see not lord,Sweet as ambrosia,And dear like the apple of the eyeBut if within you sek him enlightenedHe within you isEven as reflection in the mirror" Dhyana is seeking God within. It is seeing Siva’s reflection in the Jiva Mirror. All practice of yoga is vain without the seeking within. Dhyana leads to cessation of Birth. In Dhyana, the object of concentration presents itself in reality and the ultraconscious mind directly perceives it. According to Thirumoolar, the consciousness are once properly placed under rhythmic vibrations, the same vibrations if not disturbed produce a deeper state in that particular condition.Whether it be some abstract state or a purely conscious one, it makes no difference, so far as the duration of the process is concerned. It all depends on the totality of the object in the mind and the capability of the man to receive the vibrations.This steadiness of mind thus created produces a kind of inner delight. With this, the inner consciousness becomes brighter like a strong searchlight formed by the control of the mental energies to sense things in the actual world. It is in this state of consciousness that the man in Dhyana can tell of things in a room which is closed or relate incidents happening in far off countries.Fixing the gaze on nasal pointRetaining the roaming breath withinThey who can thus still the nadksWill sure reach the goalNo fear of birth to be for them.#KundaliniEnergy By mastering Chakra Dhyana one could elevate the Kundalini Energy. Thirumoolar explains that the Kundalini is the most powerful dormant source of energy found within each and every human. The important objective of Dhiyana is Kundalini energy from the Mooladhara charka which is s the seat or dwelling place of this primal energy. Kundalini could only be realised through self-purification and concentration of mind, and to lead it up through the charkas to sahasrara where the pure energy unites with pure consciousness. Dhyana is the study of deep concentration, calmness and tranquility of the mind. It is the study of attaining complete control over ones mind. Dhyana takes the consciousness beyond conscious, sub conscious & unconscious states to super consciousness.#Courtesy: Principles and Practice of Siddhar Yogam Book#Photo: Artist Jegadeesan

Available Medicinal plants in our SDF Herbal Garden, Sulthan bathery Mob, 9946309106

Botanical NameMalayalam Name
Cinnamomum zeylanciumKaruvappatta
Punica granatumMathalam
Caesalpinia sappanChappangam
Curcuma aromatticaKasthoorimanjal
Nyctanthes arbor- tristiParijatham
Murraya koenigiKariveppu
Justicia gendrassaVathamkolli
Acorus calamusVayambu
Madhuca indicaElippa
Kampferia galangaKacholam
Rubia cordifoliaManjatti
Mint ThulasiMint Thulasi
Sterospermum colaisPathiri
Tylophora indicaVallippala
Jatropha carcosJetropha
Gymnema sylvestreChakkarakolli
Bixa orellanaAnatto
Ocimum basilicumRamathulasi
Coleus freskholiMarunnu koorkka
Thevetia peruvianaManjarali
Vitex negundo (Black)Karinochi
Solanum syrattenseKandakarichunda
Kigelia pinnataSosage tree
Jankiya arayalpatraAmruthapala
Pittosporum tetraspermumAnalivegam
Buchanazia angustifoliaKulamavu
Mucuna pruritaNaykkaruna (Choriyathathu)
Baliospermum montanumNagadandi
Croton tigliumNeervalam
Rauvolfia serpentinaSarppagandi
Adhathoda beddomeiAdalodakam
Holostemma adakodienAdapathiyan
Plumbago roseaKoduveli
Asparagus recemosusSathavari
Piper longumThippali
Withania somniferaAmukkuram
Asystasia quadrangularisMurikootti
Vallaris solanaceaVishamooli
Vetiveria zizanioidesRamacham
Ruta graveolensArutha
Vitex negundoKarinochi (ord)
Selaginella sp:Garudapacha
Nilgirianthus ciliatusKarim kurinji
Pimenta officinalisSarvasugandi
Coleus zeylanicusEruveli
Coleus aromaticusPanikoorkka
Aegle marmelosKoovalam
Indigofera tinctoriaNeelamari
Blepharis boerheviafoliaHemadandi
Mornga oleiferaMuringa
Terminalia arjunaNeermaruthu
Trichopus zeylanicusArogyapacha
Alpinia calcarataChittarutha
Santalum albumChandanam
Andrographis paniculataKiriyath
Pterocarpus santalainusRakthachandanam
Aloe barbadensisKattarvazha
Terminalia chebulaKadukka
Kaemperia rotundaChengazhaneerkizhangu
Elaeocarpus ganitusRudraksham
Gmelina arboreaKumizhu
Boswellia serrataVellakundirikkam
Pongamia pinnataUngu
Cinnamomum camphoraKarpuram
Oroxylum indicumPalakapayyani
Anaphyllum wightiiKeerakhizhangu
Pterocarpus marsupiumVenga
Wrightia tinctoriaDandapala
Syzygium cuminiNjaval
Eupatorium triplenerveAyyapana
Mimusops elengiElanji
Alstonia scholarisEzhilamppala
Terminalia paniculataMaruthu
Albizia lebbeckNenmenivaka
Saraca asocaAshokam
Clerodendrum serratumCheru Teak
Baccopa monneriBrahmi
Solanum melonginaCheru vazhuthina
Ficus recemosaAtthi
Desmodium motorriumRamanamapacha
Ficus gibosaIthi
Alangium salvifoliumAnkolam
Ficus religiosaArayal
Gloriosa superbaMethonni
Ficus benghalensisPeral
Clitoria ternateaSangupushppam
Acacia catechuKaringali
Ipomoea obscuraChuttithiruthali
Coscinium fenestratumMaramanjal
Holarrhena pubescensKadugappala
Sarcostemma stocksiiSomalatha
Primneceratty foliaMunja
Gardinia reciniferaSomanadikayam
Cossea travencorensisPushkaramulla
Desmodium gangeticumOrila
Pogostmon pacholiPacholi
Pseudarthria viscidaMoovila
Aristolochia indicaGarudakkodi
Woodfordia fruticosaThadhiri
Jatropha multifidaChurakkalli
Vitis quadrangularisChangalamparanda
Datura stramoniumNeela Ummam
Sesbania grandifloraAgathi
Ficus krishnaeKrishnanal
Borassus flabelliferKarimpana
Alstonia venenataTheepala
Lagerstroemia reginaeManimaruthu
Diospros cruminataKarimaram
Tinospora cordifoliaChittamruthu
Spondias pinnataAmbazham
Calophyllum inophyllumPunna
Calotropis gaganteaVella erukku
Couroupita guianensisNagalingamaram
Mesua nagassariumNagapoomaram
Vateria indicaPayin
Myristica malabaricaKattujadhi
Butea monospermaPlasu
Scaevola taccadaBhadraksham
Homonoia ripariaKallurvanchi
Flacourtia jangomasVayangatha
Aporosa lindleyanaVetti
Strychnos nux - vomicaKanjiram
Plumbago zeylanicaVellakoduveli
Plumbago auriculataNeelakoduveli
Eucalyptus globulesYukkali
Glycyrrhiza glabraErattimathuram
Anthocephalus kadambaVella kadambu
Elettaria cardamomumElam
Solanum nigrumManithakkali
Terminalia belliricaThanni
Costus pictusInsulinchedi
Stevia rebaudianaStevia
Cassia fistulaKanikonna
Salacia reticulataEkanayakam
Centella asiaticaKodangal
Argyreia nervosaSamudrapacha
Crateva religiosaNeermathalam
Puthranjiva roxburgiPutranjeeva
Operculina turpethumThrikolpakonna
Cymbopogon flexuosusIngipullu
Dysoxylum malabaricumVella Akhil
Chukrasia tabularisChuvanna akhil
Quassia indicaKarinjotta
Cycas circinalisEunthu
Ichnocarpus frutescensPalvalli
Antiaris toxicariaMaravoori
Adnanthera pavoninaManchadi
Hidinocarpus laurifoliaMarotti
Citrus medicaGanapathi narakam
Naregamia alataNilanarakam
Salix tetraspermaAttuvanchi
Sappindus tripholiatesUruvanchi
Semicarpus anacardiumCheru
Acacia intsiaIncha
Canarium strictumKundirikkam
Ipomoea mauritianaPalmuthuku
Adena hondalaKarimuthuku
Bauhinia varigataMantharam
Millingtonia hortensisPoopadiri
Trichosanthes cucumerinaKattupadavalam
Lycopodium phlegmariaKalcheda
Solanum torvumPuthirichunda
Nothapodytes nimmonianaPeenari
Embelia ribesVizhalari
Embelia tsjeriumcottamKattuvizhal
Mentha gravensisPothina
Mimosa invisaMullillathottavadi
Hopea parvifloraThambakam
Thottea siliquosaAlpam
Blumea balsamiferaBoothamkolli
Strophathus wightianusNeyvalli
Pandanus lattifoliusRamba ela
Ocimum grattisimumAgasthya thulasi
Cinnamomum sulphuratumVazhana
Hibiscus abelmoschusKasthoori venda
Nervilia aragonaOrilathamara
Holoptelia integrifoliaAval
Thespesia populneaPoovarasu
Chonemorpha fragransPerumkurumba
Ficus mysorensisKallal
Ficus viranceKallathi
Myxopyrum serratulumChathuramulla
Hemidesmus indicusNannari
Helicteres isoraEdampiri Valampiri
Feronia limoniaVilar
Glycosmis pentaphyllaPanal
Ocimum kilimandscharicumKarpoora thulasi
Ocimum sanctumKrishna thulasi
Piper betleVettila
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Curcuma caesiaKarimanjal
Aphanamixis polystachyaChemmaram
Comiphora mukilGugulu
Azadirachta indicaAryaveppu

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Anjanam in Siddha Medicine

(Collyrium in Siddha System of 

Anjanam or Mai is an external method of lining eye lashes and lids with a thick black salve. According to Theraiyar piniyanugavithi to prevent the disease, anjanam is advised to be applied once in three days. 

Anjanam may be prepared from the sources like plant and bird parts, conch shell, pearl, anjana stone and salts ground and mixed with cow’s ghee or castor oil after which it is stored in bronze, glass or conch vessels. 

The compounded mai is lined or daubed with the end of the ophthalmic probe (Nayanakole) on the eye lashes and can allowed to remain up to 3-12 hours. It is used to improve the circulation and control the infection in and around the eyes, prevent excessive lacrimation, remove blockage in lacrimal glands, conjunctivitis and beauty of the face.

 Anjanam is not advised for alcoholics, head injured, those afflicted with tuberculosis, during menstrual period and post operative conditions.


To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

Siddha Medicine - A gift for the human being from Siddhars !

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