Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nasya-Standard operative procedure according to AMAI and AKSDF

(Special thanks to dearest Dr.Manoj Kumar BAMS MD PHD ,Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala)

1) Educate the patient well about Nasya
2) Get consent to perform procedure
3) Satisfy natural urges
4) Sit in a non windy room
5) Check Vitals and assure normal range
6) Wash mouth and face with warm water
7)Apply little oil on head
8)Abhyanga on head,neck and shoulder
9)Bashpa sweda on head,neck and shoulder
10)Lay supine on slanting table with head at the lower end
11)Extend and relax the limbs
12)Place a thin folded bed sheet below the shoulder joint
13)The nostrils are directed upwards by tilting the head bacuward
14)Divide the required quandity of oil into three parts
15)Warm one part (in gokarna) by placing in hot water
16)Cover the eyes with cotton pad
17)The lip of nostril is slighty raised with middle finger of left hand
18)The left nostril closed with a ring finger of left hand
19)Half of the oil continuously poured on right nostril with right hand
20)Inhale the oil forcefully
21)The right nostril is closed with the index finger on left hand
22)The remaining oil is continuously poured on left nostril with right hand
23)Inhale the oil forcefully
24)Massage over forehead,cheeks,neck,palms and soles
25)Hawk mildly and spit out the sputum on both sides alternately
26)Repeat sweda till the sputum and oil completly expel out
27)Repeat the procedure twice to complete the oil taken
28)Relax 5 minutes by remaining on the table itself
29)Dhoomapana with appropriate Varti
30)Gargling with hot water with arimedadi ennai
31)Show a friendly gesture


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