Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visha kallu-Miracle absorbent of snake venom from human body( Treatment of Malavedan tribes of kerala)

Visha kallu is a medicated stone have a power to absorb snake venom from human body.
1.Pebbles from the river 50gm
2.Juice of Ocimum tenuiflorum,Anisomales malabarica,Leucas aspera,Pipper bettle -20ml each and paste of Santhanum album-50gm approximately.
Method of preperation
The pebbles ground well and mixed with the said ingredients and prepered in the form of paste .The paste covered with seven leaves of Aristolochia tagala. and placed on a rock and roasted using the woöd of Chukrasia tubularis,Santalum album,Ocimum tenuiiforum and Camphor.The roasted material again paste of termite soil and soil content obtained from the trees.The above materials are again covered with the leaves of Aristolochia tagala and Aristolochia indica and then kept under a low fire.The dried mass kept in the ashes of cow dung cakes or dried leaves of cannabis sativa to maintain potency of the stone
Mode of application
The MALAVEDAN tribes directly apply the stone on the bitten part which will stick automatically and absorb snake venom from the body.


Dear Arun, THanks for your valuable information

I saw this treatment. It was very effective. It really saves from snake bites. I was surprised wen i saw recovery. Hope somebody will bring this treatment to thrissur district also.

E.. kallano palil ettu visham erakki kalanju veendum upayogikkunnathu?

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