Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Food Day Siddha Thoughts(Oct 16)

*Take Satwic food like Honey,fruits,Leafy vegetables for disease free Life
*Avoid Tamasic foods like alcohol ,Tobacco ,Narcotic drugs etc
*Take food after completion of digestion(6 hours need for a complete digestion)
*Take kayakalpa foods(Rejuvenating herbs) like goosberry with honey,Dried ginger with honey etc (108 Kayakalpa drugs mentioned in siddha )
*Decrease the level of Rajasic foods like spicy food,Red meat,Fast foods,Fried food,Oily food
*Avoid over cooked food.If you heat honey 65'c It turn to Carcinogenic substance
*Avoid intaken of some mixed foods like buttermilk and fish,butter and honey etc

*Avoid more intaken of sour taste foods like Tamirind and Salty foods like Pickles


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