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siddha treatment for Dengue Fever

Siddha literatures mention dengue as pitha suram that is caused by increased pitham.Agathiyar sura nool 300 mention about dengue fever.In Allopathy  there is only I.v fluid infusion,blood transfusion etc.But in Siddha there is so many medicines like SITTRAMUTTI KUDINEER,ADATHODAI JUICE ,CHUKKU KUDINEER,SANTHA CHANDRODAYAM PILLS,NILAVEMBU KUDINEER etc.



I am from India.
On Sep 27, 2012 I felt sudden shivering at around 7 pm. It followed by fever of 102 F for next 3-4 days. I took regular viral medicine. But then my head started to swirl....waves like feeling inside my brain. Platelets count check revealed the count to 0.4 only, while required was between 1.5 to 4. Doctor recommended fruits and juices, kiwi fruit, porridge, lentils etc. No dairy products. Regular platelets checkup was recommended. In next 2 days my platelet count went up to 0.8. Then it started to increase every couple of days but at very slow pace. I developed skin rashes for few days but they were gone after my count reached 1.3. I did not feel much of muscle pain. But major problem I faced was waves in head and double vision. It's like my 2 eyes are seeing in different directions. It's hard to focus on single face. I felt face in front of my eyes was vibrating slowly. I explained it to doctor but he said it will get better with time. He said it happens with several patients with dengue fever. No medicine was recommended by doctor, only good diet. From internet I found that extract of Papaya plant leaves helps, and I kept taking 2 spoons of it every day for 15-20 days.

Today is Nov. 8, which means almost 45 days. My platelets count has reached at 2.0. There are 2 issues - first is why is my platecount going up really slowly? I hear people saying my count went to 1.7, then to 2.5 next day. But in my case it is going up like 0.1 in 2 days. I am taking kiwi fruit, orange juice, carrot juice, porridge, no dairy products, aloe vera etc. Why is my count going up this slowly? Could it mean internal bleeding or my body is weak and is taking time to recover?

Second problem is this loss of focus or blurred vision. This is still there and only 10-20% improvement is there. Do you think this will get better when my count goes high up like at 2.5 or 3.0? On some days I feel much better so I am almost convinced that it is not the problem of eyes. It is in the brain. Inside my forehead and on sides of it I feel some tightness. Do you have any suggestion/comment/experience to share? Will my focus get better with time or do I need to take treatment?

Please reply.

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