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SARAM-Siddhar's Breathing Science

As per Siddha Science ,the breath energy is flowing through two major subtle channels .IDAKALAI &PINKALAI in human body .
     Breath energy flow channel ranges from right toe to left nostril.
Breath energy flow channel ranges from left big toe to right nostril
Siddha Medical Science suggests Right nostril breath for good sleep.Left nostril breath for getting obligations(Ref:Gnana Saranool)


I'm short of words to express the goodness of God in my life. I was diagnosed of herpes simplex virus 4 years ago. Which was the worst time in my life,cos of my career and i'm just 28th. I became worried,distress,felt so rejected,dirty and pity. I started keeping in touch with many hospitals,tried many solutions,and consulted many medical practitioners to get ride of my HSV virus,none of the ativiral treatment could cure me .I started trying fruits and herbs, and with time became very interested in herbs for solutions,to get ride of my HSV. I thought my life was gonna end there, i became worried and couldn't sleep at night. That faithful Sunday morning, friend of mine crystal who visited me home came up with a good news with her HIV/ AIDS test result negative. I was shocked,but so happy to have seen that. I wouldn't believe if I haven't seen the result and that would have being my worst mistake in life. She told me it was the work of an herbalist in Africa,Dr.Abang. who prepared the HIV/AIDS cured and sent it to her husband through the DHL. I became very interest and went online to search for natural ways for my cure then I saw a testimony of a lady comments on how she was cured from cancer by the same herbalist, then,I quickly email him@ med.are very active with immune booster with no site him for the solution to all your sickness. He cures all viruses and diseases
Is a God sent in my life....

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Hi every body on this site,my name is FIDELIA WAYNE, I want to give a testimony about my HERPES that was cured by a herbal doctor .few months years back i noticed some changes and symptoms in my body. which made me spend alot of money but couldn't get a cure, I never thought that I live again and I am very grateful to this great man named dr OLOKUN toward my HERPES situations, who cured me last 4 weeks. I was in great pain so I told one of my best friend; she told me it's not a big that there is a spell caster that can cure my HERPES.a test and I did, when the doctor told me that I should go for a test i did it doubting,to my greatest surprise it wasnt found in my body system anymore I could not believe myself, I went to see another doctor the result was still the same, I was human on the planet earth again, so I emailed and thanked him. Please, if you are having a similar problem please contact him through his email OR whatsapp hem on this very numberor +2348132537313

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