Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My experience in HIV/AIDS &Management in Siddha System

The AIDS is an alarming word in the universe even today.,due to incurable and non availability of proper medicine to cure AIDS.Whether this HIV/AIDS is a new one to the siddha system of medicine.The answer is no.Because there are some literature mentioning as VETTAI MEGAM or MEGA VETTAI.The main aetiological factor is unprotected and multi sexual contact.The signs and sysmptoms of Vettai Megam very close resemblance with AIDS/HIV
Clinical trials have been conducted through Siddha Medicine at Madras Medical College &Govt. Hospital for Thoracic Medicine at Thambram,Chennai where the HIV Patients were admitted
The patients were provided RAN Therapy (Combination of  Rasagendi mezugu+Amukkura choornam Capsule+Nellikkai Legium ) a Siddha Herbo mineral combinaion .It was found that the opportunistic infections were controlled by the RAN Therapy.The multiplication of Viral load reduced and the CD4 count increased.
       Most of the single drugs involved in RAN Therapy are Kayakalpa Drugs which are containg anti oxidant ,antiviral activity  and act as immuno modulator.There are number of other siddha herbo mineral Siddha drugs are having Antiviral activities.Apart from the siddha medicines the patients advised to follow Siddha Hygienic Principals,proper food and practice of Yoga,meditation and to do minimum excercise to fight against the HIV/AIDS.


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