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World siddha day April 14 special issue

World Siddha Day Special Issue - 14th April 2017.

Table of Contents (ToC)

We are happy to publish the Table of Contents for our forth coming Special issue on World Siddha Day.  The following papers will be published in our Online Journals (, on 14/04/2017.

    World Siddha Day Special Issue – 14th April 2017.


Literary Reviews:

1. ‘An insight into the Siddha aspects of Karupai Kazhunthu Puttru Noi (Cervical Cancer)’
C. Samuel Justin Raj, K. Swathi, G. Sabari Devi, G. Sanjana, V. S. Nandini, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter.

2. ‘Latex – Siddha Perspective’.
V. Murugan, S. Sulfin Nihar, Thomas M. Walter, M. Allimuthu.

3.   ‘A Review Article on Herb Phyla Nodiflora (Poduthalai) with special reference to AYUSH Pediatric Therapeutics’.
J. Melba Jesinth, K. Rajamanjari, D. K. Soundararajan.

4. Psychiatry in Siddha System of Medicine - A Review #
S. Kumar, K. Monisha, K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.

5. Analysis of Disease by Neerkuri and Neikuri. #
S. Shanmugarubini, S. Stefina, M. Padmashini, K. Shrinidhi, S. Umera.

Basic Research:

6. Scientific Assessment of Mallimathura Decoction
R. Mary Suja

Original Research:

7. ‘The efficacy of ‘Pidangu naari Kudineer’ as proved by ‘Oil Red O Staining’ method’.
S. Gowtham Kumar, Y.R. Manaksha, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter.

8. ‘Anti-oxidant Potential, Anti-Bacterial activity and Phytochemical analysis of Ipomoea pes caprae’
G. Femil Samuel, R. S. Shibinroosvelt.

Clinical Papers:

9. ‘Effectiveness of Decoction of Allium cepa on Peptic Ulcer (Gunmam)’ #
Rimzon. B, Paheerathan. V, Piratheepkumar. R.

10. ‘Validation of Varmam Therapy on Azhal Keel Vayu (Osteoarthiritis) - Case Series’
K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.

Field Papers:

11. ‘Traditional Healthy Porridge Panchaamutti Conjee for Growing Children in AYUSH Siddha Medicine of Paediatrics’.
D.S.Vaniswari, J.Mohanapriya , K.Shyamala.

12. ‘Antidotes for Thelkadi (Scorpion Sting) according to Siddha System of Medicine – Review’
Marimanimala. N, Thiruthani, Rajarajeswari. A, Chenthamarai Selvi.

Scientific Siddha:

13. ‘A comparative study of Pinda Urpaththi with Modern Embryology’
K. Rajamanjari, J. Melba Jesinth, D. K. Soundararajan.

14. ‘Effectiveness of Pattru in Siddha System of Medicine - a Review’
G. Pratheep, K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.

Women and Child Care:

15. ‘Gynaecological Benefits of Anethum graveolens and Foeniculum vulgare’.#
S. Swathi, R. Rohini Priya, K. Balagurusamy, S. Umera.

Single Herbs:

16. ‘Phyto-pharmacological Review of Mucuna pruriens’ #
D. Gnanasekaran, K. Balagurusamy, S. Umera.

17. ‘Phytopharmacological Review of Tinospora cordifolia’ #
D. Divya, K. Aathifa Anjum, R. Bakkiyalakshmi, K. Balagurusamy, S. Umera.

18. ‘A Review on Medicinal benefits of Piper longum’. #
G. Kiran, S. Umera, K. Balagurusamy


19. ‘Seizures in Siddha System of Medicine - a Review’ #
N. Sowmya, G. Naveena, K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.

20. Management of Eraippu Noi (Bronchial Asthma) in Siddha Medicine - a Systematic Review.
F. Mohamad Ashif, S. Sangeetha, R. Preethi, K. Elavarasan, R. Geetha.


#  The Authors’ of these papers need to submit final documents related to the Journal requirements.  These papers may not be published in the final online version if the necessary documents are not submitted to the Journal office.


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