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7th Siddha diagonostic tool NEERKURI NEIKURI

📣📣📣ஏழாம் தேர்வு -2018📣📣📣
               (7th Diagnostic Tool)

Articles invited from Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani Medical Students, Doctors, Research Scholars, Scientists for National Conference

Ministry of AYUSH sponsoring 2- Days National Seminar on Siddha Diagnostic Tool "Neerkuri and Neikuri" to be held on October 2018 at Madurai supported by Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy, Tamilnadu invites articles (Abstracts and Full papers).

Dear  AYUSH fraternity,     If  you  are  an AYUSH Doctor,  PG  Scholar,  Internee,  UG  Scholar,  with  an  interest on  Siddha  ancient  science  and  Siddha  diagnostic  tool  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri  and  anxious to  learn  more  and  more  for  successful  Siddha  practice,  then  this  is  an  excellent opportunity  for  you. This  is  a  2-day  national  workshop  sponsored  by  the  Ministry  of  AYUSH, Govt.  of  India,  supported  by  Directorate  of  Indian  Medicine  and  Homeopathy, Tamilnadu and  being  organized  by  the  Indian  Medicine  Welfare  Trust,  Madurai, Tamilnadu tentaively on 20-21 October  2018  with  the  specific  aim  of  exposing  Siddha Doctors  and  Students  like  you  to  the  various  perspective  of  Siddha  diagnostic  tool Neerkuri  and  Neikuri.  

Neerkuri  and  Neikuri  are  two  eyes  of  Moothira  Paritchai  in  Therayar  envagai thervu. 

The  objective  of  the  present  workshop  is  to  provide  a  hands-on  training  on Neerkuri  and  Neikuri  analysis  and  its  scope  on  diagnostic  and  treatment  aspects.  

The  seminar  holds  the  expertise  lecture  and  sharing  experiences  from teaching  institutions,  successful  practitioners  and  medical  officers  from  State  and Central  AYUSH  organizations  those  involved  in  scientific  study  on  Neerkuri  and Neikuri.  

All  participants  will  be  issued  participation certificates and  accepted  paper and poster  presentations  will  be  awarded.

Theme  of  Poster  presentation

✓Clinical  trials  on  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri
✓Methodology  on  Neerkuri  and  neikuri
✓Standardization  of  Neerkuri  and  neikuri ✓Siddha  text  references  for  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri
✓A comparison  of  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri  with  other  Siddha  diagnostic  tool
✓Siddha  instrumentation  science  for  the diagnosis  using  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri
✓Modern  theories  on  uroscopy
✓Scientific  evaluation  of  Siddha  diagnostic  tools
✓Siddha  Pathology  and  Pathogenesis  with  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri  analysis
✓Fundamentals  of  Siddha  and  Siddha  diagnostic  tools
✓Any  other  related  with  Neerkuri  and  Neikuri  researh
Abstract  (Title,  Authors,  Affiliation, Aim  and  Objective,  Materials  and  Methods, Results,  Discussion,  Conclusion)  not  more  than  250  words,  Font-Times  New  Roman, Size-Title  14,  Content  12,  Keywords  10  may  be  submitted  with  requisite  fees  to on  or  before  30.09.2018. Preference  will  be  given  for research  papers,  rare  manuscript  studies  and  clinical  trials. Interested  participants  may  apply  filled  application  and  CV  to as  earlier  as  possible.
Last  date  for  receipt  of  your  abstracts and full  paper:  30th  September 2018.

Look  forward  to  hearing  from  you  (Contact  mobile:  98421  67567,  90030  00250)  and with  regards

Dr.  J  Jeyavenkatesh,
Ezhaam Thervu 2018  
27,  Jaihindpuram  I  Street,  
Madurai  625011,  Tamilnadu  


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To rejuvenate the medical system of the most ancient civilization and most ancient language of the indian subcontinent in God's own counry which originated from the Kamandalu(Sacret pot) of Agasthiyar who lived in Agasthiyarkudam and attained Samadhi in Ananthasayanam (Thiruvananathapuram)

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