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siddha Nei kuri neerkuri workshop

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Conference on 17-18 November 2018
Will be Enjoying the depth of Siddha Pathology💡

Neikuri - Therayar Methodology of Uroscopy


15 µl of Black Dil oil is put over the surface of 200 ml of voided and cooled test urine kept in a four inches diameter round disposable pet bowel from 5 centimeters height. The reaction of oil drop on the urine surface is carefully observed accordingly on dispersion, spread, split, immersion, floating, disappearance by from the time of putting the drop up to one minute or the maximum spread reaches.

The test may br done in a chamber maintained with 29º C to 31º C temperature and 3-5 Watts LED luminance to maintain the classical test standard.


The reactions occurred over the surface of the urine is observed carefully. The changes in the shape of oil after spread, direction of spread or split, coverage area on the urine surface, immersion are observed.

Regarding the various patterns of spread of Dil oil on the urine surface, as per Therayar Neikuri Methodology as a diagnostic aid it may be suggested that the surface shows a snake (Vali), a circular shape ring (Azhal), a pearl without any movement (Iyam) and combined patterns ring in the snake (Vali Azhal), snake in the ring (Azhal Vali), pearl in the snake (Vali Iyam) and pearl in the ring(Azhal Iyam) and the mixture of all the patterns (Mukkutram).

The various patterns (approximately 136 patterns) such as Conch-shell, Throne, Umbrella, Lute, Jasmine bud, Lotus, Bubbles, Scattered mustard, Arrow, Trident, Sword, Pot, Iron pestle, Betel leaf, Bullock, Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Goat, Pig, Man, Snake, Tortoise, Bird, Jackal, Monkey, Donkey, Cat, Scorpion are correlated with clinical features and other investigations by a Siddha Physician. 


The directional spread of oil may be explained on the basis that there may be presence of the paramagnetic molecules which may align as per the magnetic field of the earth, giving a directional spread to the oil. The interfacial tension between the surface active molecules and the oil may decide providing possibilities of different shapes, speed, and extent of spread. The constituents of test urine depend upon the existing diseases, dietary metabolites, major and minor constituents excreted through urine and microorganisms.

Presuming the interference of the constituents of urine with the reacting Dil oil drop in a standard procedure may be evidence for existing diseases according to Therayar Neikuri Methodology.

Viscosity of the urine, Interfacial tension, Quality of the Dil oil, Air entry in the oil drop or urine volume, Shape of the drop, Gravitational force, Shake of the chamber, Quantity of the urine if very lesser are the factors cause variations for reaching test results.


According to the observation and the available image it may be suggested that the surface shows a snake (Vali), a circular shape ring (Azhal), a pearl without any movement (Iyam) and combined patterns ring in the snake (Vali Azhal), snake in the ring (Azhal Vali), pearl in the snake (Vali Iyam) and pearl in the ring (Azhal Iyam) and the mixture of all the patterns (Mukkutram).

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