Sunday, July 5, 2020

Importance of early morning sun rays:
We all are  familiar with the harmful effects of the sun rays but how many of us actually know about the benefit of these rays? According to the Siddha system of medicine sun is considered as a symbol of life. exposure to morning sun rays is an effective way for solving a lot of  our health and wellness problems. Siddha system propagate daily exposure of 15 to 20 minutes in morning sunrays after the application of medicated oils helps in increasing blood flow resulting in better absorption of the oil into the skin further eliminating excess doshas from the body.
Vitamin D is generated from the skin in the presence of ultraviolet rays from the sun .so for production of vitamin D both sunlight and fats are essential.exposure to sunlight after application of oil provides the body both the components and facilitate the process of vitamin D production. This vital nutrients has been linked almost every health condition from the formation of bones and maintaining its constitution,muscle health, brain health,pregnancy , immune activity ,cardio vascular functions and more. Sunlight helps your helper T cell mature and makes them ready to fight of the infections,again it is a natural detoxifying agent as it cleansers your blood vessels. Sun rays help to regulate your pineal gland to secrete serotonin which is a good mood regulating hormone and melatonin that regulates the sleep wake cycle. The most alarming significance is that researches compared the mean level of vitamin D in each country along with the number of cases of covid-19 and it's morbidity the data suggest that vitamin D levels may have a higher protective effect against let's all have a ⛅ sunbath in the morning as siddhers guidence.


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