Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pathiyam-Prescribed Regimen in Siddha

1)Simple Regimen
In order to prevent intensity of the illness one should follow simple regimen.Which should enhance the general health of a patient as well as should not counteract the therapeutic efficacy of the Medicament.
Advisable Materials
Cow's milk,ghee,buttermilk,lemon,goat
Avoidable materials
Ground nut,Tobacco,Sesban leaves,Bitter guard,Jack fruit,Sexual intercourse.Sexual intercourse will lead to vitation of Azal humour greatly in our body.
2.Rigorous regimen
It should be adopted while taking mercurial preperations in case of severe illness.
Salt,tamirind,jack fruit,tobacco should be prohibited.Fenu greek seeds,clove,bark of cinnamon,cane sugar,cow's milk,ghee are advisable to take.
After the course of rigorous regimen the second course of regimen is also necessary especially for taking medicine containing mercury.It should be observf for the same number of day after stopping the medicine.Then bath must be taken smearing the head and body with paste of Omum and cow's milk.,fried salt can be used in the diet.After these days bath must should be taken with cow's ghee.
3.Very Rigorous regimen
In case of very Serious illness (Tridosha) and administrating Very potent medicine like Pathangam,Chunnam salt should be totally prohibited.


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