Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Management of Cardio vascular disease in Siddha

According to Agathiyar Vaidya Kavyam-1500,Pain behind the sternum,sudden cessation of blood flow,breathlessness,loss of conciousness and sudden death are the symptoms of Cardio vascular diseases.The pathogenesis of the disease is said to be aggrevation of Kapham in a patient with pre existing aggrevated vatham which causes kapham to obstruct the passage of pitham .
The management of the Ischemic heart disease patients comes under four categories
Strict dietary regulation .Over eating,full stomach and cool diet should be avoided.Vegetarian food is advisable.Fruits like grapes,pomegranate and also garlic,onion,fenu greek can be included in food.Mild excercises can be done.Over exertion,stress should avoided.
Herbal drugs
1. Terminalia arjuna-Can be used hyperlipidimia and coronary heart diseases
2. Tribulus terrestris-Contains L-Arginine gets converted into nitric oxide and causes blood vessel dilatation
3.Passiflora incarnata-Antihypertensive and anxiolytic property
4. Garchnia cambogia-It has hypolipidemic action
5. Digitalis purpura-Used in cardiac failure
6.Commiphora mukul-Hypolipidemic drug
Other siddha preperations
Sadamanjil kudineer
Sringi Basmam
Sarpagand mathrai
Triphala tablet
Swasakudori Tab
Thamaraga kudineer
Iruveli kudineer
Asanas and Pranayamam can be done Which relieves anxiety and stress in day to day life


Can you tell me which medicine is best for closure of heart hole 6mm ASD in 3yrs old kid

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