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siddha medicines for Autism Than

This disease is seen among male children rather than female. The reasons for this is still mostly unknown. But some vague theories still prevail. In siddha line of thinking some iregularities or disorders during pregnancy and child delivery time, might have been a cause for this.

This is a disease of "Vatha humor ".The dhathu it affects is "Majhai dhathu ".Majhai dhathu "is seen  less in quantity in such affected children. SIddha medicines prepared in "ghee" are to be better preferred in treatment.
Most Siddha medicines using ADHD treatment are also useful in this case.

Unfortunately many so - called "Varma physicans " of Kanyakumari district are applying strenuous body massage and pressing vital points of children. It is clearly "a wrong choice ".But some "light sirodhara "can be done. But many oral medicines using in Varma are very effective in Autism.

Speech therapy is advisible for such patients. Most special schools having this available now.
Constant tratment for 3 to 5 years can be achieved 75%results. In Siddha systems hundreds of medicines are available for and at intervals medicines should be changed.

Better discourage English medicines as they may in future result Obesity and permanent damage for adrenal glands

Combinations of following medicines are to be considered. Better select 1 Kudineer, 1 ney, 1 lehyam, one parpam or chendooram for a course.
1.drakshadi kudineer
2.athimadura kudineer
3.kurunthotti pal kudineer
4.kshaya kulanthaga chendooram
5.pavizha parpam
6.Muthu parpam
7.Velli parpam
8.Bhoonaga chendooram
9.Linga kattu Chendooram
10.Vallarai lehyam
11.Venpoosani lehyam
12.Bhrhmi lehyam
13.bhrahmi ney
14.Vani ney
15.Venpoosani ney
16.Swaraswatha ney  (Ayurveda )
17.Swaraswatha aristam  (Ayurveda )
18.Manasamithra vadakam  (Ayurveda )
19.bhoonaga thailam  (internal use )
20.Bala sarvangam  (internal use )
21.Vatha Sanni Sarvangam  (internal use)
22.Kukkuda Sahajarathi Mukootu  (internal use )
23.aswhagandha bala lakshadi thailam  (for head )
24.Karimchoora pattai thailam  (for head )
Etc...etc..are some of the result oriented siddha medicines for Autism


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