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Psychatry in siddha systems of medicine

I would like to share a magnanimous work on psychiatry in siddha system of  medicine  by a renowned psychiatrist Dr. O Somasundaram (MBBS., DPM, FRC (Psychiatry), Former superintendent, Institute of Mental Health, Madras Medical College.
Siddha system is a unique treasure of Dravidian culture. 18 Siddhars are considered as authority of siddha system. Among the Sage Agathiyar put forward much thoughts in psychiatry and coined the name 'Kirikai Maruthuvam' in his Agathiyar manida kirikai nool 64
In his text common psychiatric ailments are classified in 18 types which can be compared with conditions in modern psychiatry.

18   Types of Psychiatric disorders

1. ANEL KIRIGAI :  Flaming Insanity.
2.PITHA KIRIGAI : Bilous Insanity
3.ECHIL KIRIGAI : Spitting Insanity
4.VATHA KIRIGAI : Windy Insanity
5.SLERPPANA KIRIGAI : Shivering Insanity
6.NATHAVINTHU KIRIGAI : Masturbatory Insanity
7.JALA KIRIGAI : Water Insanity and Hydrophobias
8. BOOTHA KIRIGAI : Demoniacal Insanity
9.MOHINI KIRIGAI : Erotic Insanity
10.KALLERI KIRIGAI : Stone pelting Insanity
11. KUMBIDU KIRIGAI : Obeisant Insanity
12.MUNANGU KIRIGAI : Murmuring and blabbering Insanity
13.ALAR KIRIGAI : Screaming Insanity
14.MARUTTU KIRIGAI : Menacing Insanity
15. MOODU KIRIGAI: Perplexity
16. VALIPPU KIRIGAI : Convulsive Insanity
17.NEER KIRIGAI : Water drinking Insanity
18. PEIPIDI KIRIGAI: Insanity due to exorcism or Possession.

1. Veri iyya noi, Thamantha pitham : Catatonic Withdrawal symptoms
2.Peru iyya noi : Catatonic excitement
3.mottu : Chronic Szhizophrenia.
4.Anal pitham, markeya pitham, odu pitham, veri iyyam  : Manic Excitement
5.karapitham: Depressive  Psychosis
6. Nanju vali :Toxic Psychosis
7.Thimirvali: Neurosis and Hysteria.
8.Manovali : Neurosis Depression
9.Theera pitham : Neurosis Anxiety
For these conditions many internal and external medicines like nasal drops, fumigation etc are indicated and is still in practice in outskirts of tamilnadu .If this is researched well it will be a great contribution to society.


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