Thursday, January 7, 2021

Siddha day 02 January 2021Dhyanam by Siddhar Thirumoolar #Dhyanam"Look within in DhyanaWell may they practice yoga eight-thousand yearStill they see not lord,Sweet as ambrosia,And dear like the apple of the eyeBut if within you sek him enlightenedHe within you isEven as reflection in the mirror" Dhyana is seeking God within. It is seeing Siva’s reflection in the Jiva Mirror. All practice of yoga is vain without the seeking within. Dhyana leads to cessation of Birth. In Dhyana, the object of concentration presents itself in reality and the ultraconscious mind directly perceives it. According to Thirumoolar, the consciousness are once properly placed under rhythmic vibrations, the same vibrations if not disturbed produce a deeper state in that particular condition.Whether it be some abstract state or a purely conscious one, it makes no difference, so far as the duration of the process is concerned. It all depends on the totality of the object in the mind and the capability of the man to receive the vibrations.This steadiness of mind thus created produces a kind of inner delight. With this, the inner consciousness becomes brighter like a strong searchlight formed by the control of the mental energies to sense things in the actual world. It is in this state of consciousness that the man in Dhyana can tell of things in a room which is closed or relate incidents happening in far off countries.Fixing the gaze on nasal pointRetaining the roaming breath withinThey who can thus still the nadksWill sure reach the goalNo fear of birth to be for them.#KundaliniEnergy By mastering Chakra Dhyana one could elevate the Kundalini Energy. Thirumoolar explains that the Kundalini is the most powerful dormant source of energy found within each and every human. The important objective of Dhiyana is Kundalini energy from the Mooladhara charka which is s the seat or dwelling place of this primal energy. Kundalini could only be realised through self-purification and concentration of mind, and to lead it up through the charkas to sahasrara where the pure energy unites with pure consciousness. Dhyana is the study of deep concentration, calmness and tranquility of the mind. It is the study of attaining complete control over ones mind. Dhyana takes the consciousness beyond conscious, sub conscious & unconscious states to super consciousness.#Courtesy: Principles and Practice of Siddhar Yogam Book#Photo: Artist Jegadeesan


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