Sunday, May 22, 2011

siddha management for female infertility

I.f a. couple fails to conceive for one year after regular sexual intercourse without contraception they are called infertile .The first diagonostic step in evaluation of the infertile couple is to determine whether male or female is infertile partner by
semen analysis in man
Demonstration of ovulatim by daily measurment of basal body temperatures through out the month.
First day
Agathiyar kuzhambu- 100mg with one glass baniyan tree tender leaf juice
1)Amukkura choornam-2 tsp with milk
2)Thanga parpam-100mg with honey TDS
3)Thanner vittan Nei-2tsp OD
Other theraphy
Kashaya Vasthi-3 days
Uthara vasthi in between two menstrual day-6 days


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IUI is another alternate treatment for infertility after IVF. After IUI Treatment patient should follow the guidelines and instruction by Infertility Doctor to make it successful.

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