Friday, May 6, 2011

Start every day in siddha way

1)walking up
According to siddha exact time to wake up is 4 a.m in the morning.
2)Excretion stools and urine
One has to pass urine first and there after faeces.
Siddhars had mentioned the importance of cleaning after must clean with clean water that need is to of clean the hands ,eyes,ears,teeth after walking.
4)cleaning of teeth
Siddhars specify certain herbal twings and powder for certain diseases
eg:Trychyspermum ammi seed powder
Azadiracta indica tender leaves for stomatitis
Thriphala choornam for gingivitis and bleeding gum
5)Eye care
Apply creams to eyes during pregnancy
Taking Arsenic as medicine
Apply pazhakirambu pakkuva vennai for eye
In night apply ghee on the sole of foot
Chandra darsanam yogic excercise to enhance the vision of eye.
It should follow once in every 3 days.
6)nose care
Applying Nasium once in 45 days enhance the capacity of smell perception.
7)Thokkanam(body massage)
It lubricate the joint movements
It enhances tonicity of muscles.
8)Udal payirchi(physical exercise)
It helps in burning fats
It promotes circulation


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