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Nasal drops in siddha

Nasal Drops in Siddha

Inhaling medicinal fumes or powders through the nose and liquid or medicinal juice squeezed into the nostrils or medicated oil used as an nasal drops or some prepared medicines are used as nasal drops dissolving in fresh herbal juice is known as Nasayam.

Nasal drops should be used in the head upside down position in order to reach the ostiomeatal complex. Instill two drops into left nostril first, then right nostril.

Nasiyam used to treat Allergic sinusitis, Rhinitis,  Fever, Bronchial asthma, Tonsilitis,Nasal polyp,Nasal congestion, Migrane.

மருந்து பொடிகளோ ,மருந்து புகையோ மூக்கின் வழியே உள்ளிழுப்பது மற்றும் மூலிகை
சாற்றினை மூக்கினுள் விடுவது அல்லது மருந்தென்னையை துளிகளாக  மூக்கினுள் விடுவது நசியம் எனப்படும். சித்தமருத்துவத்தில்
ஐயக்குற்றதினால் உண்டாகும் நோய்களுக்கு பயன்படுத்தப்படுகிறது.

நசிய மருத்துவம் பீனிசம்,ஆஸ்துமா, மூக்கடைப்பு, மூக்கில் சதைவளர்ச்சி, லசுன தாபிதம்,ஒற்றை தலைவலி, சுரம் இவற்றிக்கான சிகிச்சை முறையில் பயன்படுகிறது.

பொதுவாக உடலை
நன்னிலையில் வைத்துக்கொள்ள ஆறு மாதத்திற்கு ஒரு முறை குறிப்பிட்ட மருந்தென்னைய்கள் மூலம் நசியம் செய்யலாம். நசியத்தை முதலில் இடது  நாசி துவார த்தில் இரண்டு துளியும் பிறகு வலது நாசி துவாரத்தில் இரண்டு துளியும் விட  வேண்டும்.

மருந்து பொடிகளாக இருப்பின் முடிச்சு கட்டி எரித்து அந்த புகையையோ அல்லது முடிச்சையையோ நுகரலாம்.


It took almost one year for my first real outbreak but it was the hardest thing in the world to get along with. I felt so unwanted and dirty. I tried many formulas, suggestions, methods to get rid of it permanently. Booked appointment with many doctors, professionals, even religiously until I started getting away spiritually and still it won't go. The worst is my outbreaks occurs within short period and take as long as even weeks to go away. I was at last placed on antiviral treatment which is a good treatment but for how long? I prayed every four times a day for God to cure me miraculously or direct me to cure because I know there is. During outbreaks I thought it's the end of the world but it's not, with time I will become normal again. I started trying fruits and herbs, take herbal produced, and with time became very interested in herbs. I read blogs, websites, and comments on herbs and built a stronger hope. I saw comments and decided to try Dr Utu African Traditional Herbal meds. I know of one mr Brown who was HIV and now brags he was cured of HIV with Dr Utu traditional meds but never give it a thought because I believed HIV already has a cure and never think it through or make a research. And for herpes my doctor told me that there is no known cure. When I saw testimonies of his Herpes cure on sites. I copied his contact I showed it to brown who confirmed it was Dr Utu contact. I contacted him immediately and he also prepared and sent me herbal herpes meds through DHL. Right after getting this traditional meds I followed the prescription cautiously and withing days I started noticing rapid change and I know within me it's the cure. I used it for up to two weeks and when my test result was out not only did this herbal meds cure me but boost my immune and I feel real and free. Dr Utu African Traditional meds have successfully cured Herpes, Warts, HIV, Cancers, Kidney Stone, Asthma, most importantly this traditional meds boost immune and have no after effect.

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