Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Any unconcious casualty that is breathing and has a pulse should be placed in the recovery position as it prevent the tongue from falling back and blocking the throat.
1.Kneel facing the causualtry's chest
2.Ensure their airway is open
3.Position the arm which is nearest to you at right angles to the casualty's body,with the elbow bend and palm facing out.
4.Bring the casualty's other arm across their chest ,placining the back of their hand against the cheek which is near to you and holding it there
5.With your other hand grasp the leg which further from you at the thigh,pulling the casualty's knee up with their foot flat on the ground
6.Still with your hand keeping the back of their hand against their cheek,gently press down on the lower thigh with your other hand ,thus rolling the causalty towards you,on their side.
7.Again ensure the airway is open by tilting the casualty 's head back.
8.If necessary adjust the uppermost leg so that the hip and knee are to bend at right angles for stability.
9.Call ambulance


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