Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Management of hypertension in siddha

Mild orModerate Hypertension can be easily controlled by our medicine.Sivere Hypertension will have to be treated additionally by Modern medicine,despite their side effects,so as to prevent development of complications.
*Line of treatment
Diet+Ashtanga yoga+Siddha diuretics+Antihypertensive siddha medicine.
Salt restricted and fat free diet.spicy food,sour taste food,avoided.cumin seeds,coriander seeds,garlic,ginger juice,onion should taken.
Weight lifting like exercise avoided.Walking advisable .
Smoking and alcohol should be avoided
Ashtanga yoga(Iyamam,Niyamam,Asanam,Pranayamam,Prathiyakaram,Daranai,Samadi) helpful for mental and
psycological stress.
Medicine management
*vamana theraphy (Vomiting) should be decrease Hypertension.
*Siddha diuretics
kukul parpam,silasathu parpam,neermulli kudineer,Nerunjil kudineer
asai choornam,venthamarai choornam,amal pori tablets
1)Nellikkai thaalam
2)Sirodhara with chandanadi thylam
(Warning:Self Medication Dangerous)


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